The Burmese Python

the killer snake

By Alec X

Introduction to the Burmese Python

The Burmese Python is a snake native to Asia and has invaded parts of southern Florida. This vile species arrived a decade or more ago, as imported pets. Hatchlings are usually sold at $20 ; this is when the snakes are tiny and cute, but later on they may feed on livestock such as chickens and grow up to 15 feet long. I believe it should receive the one million dollars that will be provided by the Council to one species.

The Damage Done

The python is not endangering people yet, but many scientists in this field say that the Burmese Python is and aggressive species. Also, it harms many endangered species inhabiting the Everglades. It is not harming the environment, but it is changing the food web. In addition to this, the species has absolutely no positive effects.

Python Hunt of 2013

The Extent of the Damage

These snakes are multiplying like crazy, there are currently thousands of these snakes in Florida. Several Florida counties are infested and the level of harm is still growing. About 137 million dollars has been spent a year as of 1999, according to a study of the University of Cornell. If the problem is not stopped, many species will become extinct. They are slowly spreading, but not leaving the warmth of Florida since it's climate is much like the Burmese Pythons native home

What Can Be Done to Eradicate the Burmese Python?

Expensive python captures have been done to research the snake in close detail. Big python hunts can provide a large amount of information. There have not been any good solutions suggested yet to stop this problem except to keep getting more information. Another piece of important information is that the pythons and native alligators are battling each other on the trails of the Everglades National Park.


As you can see, the Burmese Python has many reasons that support it should be given the one million dollars. As stated above, it has already costed much and any additional research is helpful.The ecosystem of Everglades National Park will be destroyed without quick action.

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