Ayn Rand

Creating controversy since 1905


Rand was born Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum in 1905 to a Russian family. She was Jewish and the oldest of three children. For Rand school was not challenging, and she was writing screenplays and novels by the age of ten. By the age of 16 she was able to enroll in Petrograd State University.

Thsi youth experience is very similar to the way I very myself. I have been involved in theater and acting since a very young age. I was also very good at school. In a way I can relate to the childhood of young Rand.

Attack On Homosexuality?

"o proclaim spiritual sisterhood with lesbians... is so repulsive a set of premises from so loathsome a sense of life that an accurate commentary would require the kind of language I do not like to see in print." This is a sentence taken from a speak about her moral conflict against homosexuality. However, she proudly believed that the gay community should not be discriminated against in government. She didn't believe that homosexuality had the right to be openly excepted in the public eye.

Growing up in a very gay rights geared home, this information makes me feel distant towards Mrs. Rand. However, you must also take into consideration, the time period. In that time the majority of people were not exception of homosexuality.

Some of Her Titles

Either deeply admire or harshly hate. There is not middle ground.

After Death

Interest in Rand’s work has gradually increased since her death. Few colleges now include Rand as a philosophical subject. Many literature and philosophy departments believing her to be a subject for serious study.

I hope that Philosophy classes will begin to speak on the subject of Rand's ideals and movements.