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September 2022


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Overlook Emerges From The Covid Era Stronger Than Ever

By-Wingspan Staff

For the first time in recent memories, the doors opened at Overlook this August without the cloud of Covid protocols handing over the halls and classrooms. While Covid illnesses are still impacting staff and students, it has become more in the category of stomach bug or flu it seems. This year features two new (to Overlook) administrators and a crew of new teachers. Meet some of them in an article later in this issue. This month has been filled with positive events that are increasing school culture as well as the introduction and implementation of the new Overlook Behavior Expectations Matrix. All staff are working to model these and ensure students have a safe and educational conducive place to be all day. Looking forward to a great year!
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Start With Hello Week

By- Wingspan Staff

Each year, thousands of schools and youth organizations nationwide participate in Start With Hello Week, a national call-to-action week dedicated to making new social connections and creating a sense of belonging among youth. Research has proven that Sandy Hook Promise’s Know the Signs programs effectively teach youth and adults how to prevent school violence, shootings, and other harmful acts. Students and educators learn how to identify at-risk behaviors and intervene to get help. These early-prevention measures empower everyone to help keep schools and communities safe.

Overlook has participated the past several years and dedicated a week in September to further create an environment where all children can learn and become better people. Once again, the staff and students helped to make Overlook a better place.

The Fall Season is Upon Us

By- Wingspan Staff

The change of the seasons is always bitter sweet for most. The passing of yet another summer of (hopefully) great memories and the start of a schedule that is often fairly busy between school and afternoon/evening commitments. However, the start of school is also a time we greet the autumn season. All around us nature is changing as leaves lose their green leaves and bursts of color spring all around. The weather has certainly changed, with increased rainfall and downright cold morning temperatures. Even some of the afternoons have become jacket weather. The changing season reminds us of the many fun and festive events that fall brings. The days of fall are some of the very best of the year. Be sure to get out and enjoy them as much as possible.

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Club Updates

By- Wingspan Staff

2022-2023 Overlook Club Descriptions

*Meetings times are subject to change as needed per advisor.


Students perform several concerts a year plus attend Great East Festival. Students also have the opportunity to audition for Central Mass Districts.

Mr. Joe Lordan

Rehearsals are scheduled with Mr. Lordan.

Individual instrument practices also scheduled individually with Mr. Lordan as directed.

Chess Club

We start with a mini chess, then students are assigned their first partner based on skill (sometimes mismatched, sometimes even depending on the day’s goal), then they can choose a partner after their first game.

The chess players will learn the game of chess, how to play, the moves, strategies and more. It is for all level players. It’s a place for students to

Description & Info to join

Mrs. Gayanne Seppelin

Melissa Rheaume

We meet every Thursday starting 10/6 afterschool in room 125 then transition to the cafeteria until 3:00.


Students perform solos and sectional group concerts. Students have the opportunity to work on soloist recordings.

Mr. Joe Lordan

Rehearsals are scheduled with sectionals and soloists with Mr. Lordan.

Cooking Club

Students will have the ability to develop, create and use existing recipes to make some tasty treats. Brand new club, still working out the details!! More info to follow!!

Mr. Randy Jepson

We will be meeting after school starting in November.

Drama Club

Winter Play: Alice in Wonderland

Students tryout to perform in two drama productions (one in winter and one in spring).

Ms. Jessica Daigle

Mrs. Krystyna Normand

Rehearsals are typically twice a week on Mondays & Wednesdays from 2-3:30 once cast is determined.

Fishing Club

Students, both experienced and new to the sport, learn to cast and fish in the pond at the bottom of the hill.

Mrs. Judy Cummings


Fridays in September & October

Fridays in April & May

Horse Club

Students will learn facts about horses, play games based on horse trivia, and share techniques on how to take care of a horse.

Mrs. Ashley Corliss

This club will meet every Thursday after school from 2:00-3:00PM. The first meeting will be October 6th.

Jazz Band

Students practices for two performances late winter and spring.

Mr. Joe Lordan

Late January (practices TBD)

Math Team

This is my second year running the math team! We’re a small group of about 10-15 students and meet in my room.

Students work on unique math problems and compete with other schools in the area virtually!

Description & Info to Join

Melissa Rheaume

Dr. Mike Shear

We meet on most Wednesdays starting 10/5 afterschool until 3:00. In room 125

*Competitions are once a month and end around 4:30-5:00.

Quick Stop Cafe

Students sell and serve morning refreshments and breakfast items once a week before school.

Mrs. Stephanie Alessandrini

7am-7:30am Thursday mornings starting in October - end of May

Robotics Club


Signups for interest will start on Monday, October 3; if enough interest is generated, the club will run



School Store

Students can sign-up to volunteer to operate the school store and make suggestions for inventory under the supervision of a parent volunteer and/or Mr. Douglas.

Mr. Dave Douglas

Daily - starting in October during lunches

Spanish Language Club

The club will be at the beginners level, we will be learning and practicing beginner level Spanish and learn about the Spanish culture and food. Anyone who is interested is welcome.

Mrs. Gayanne Seppelin

Every other Wednesday starting from October 5th. It will be right after school from 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm only on Wednesdays that have odd dates (Oct.5th, Oct.19th, Nov.9. etc.) and will go until the end of May.

Student Council

The role of the Overlook Student Council is to form an organization made up of a student representative from each team and homeroom. Student Council Members will promote a positive school image and increase school spirit, while maintaining high academic standards.

Mrs. Sarah Duncan

Mrs. Lori Shattuck

2-3pm Tuesdays once a month as a whole group. Monthly activity with individual assignments and check-ins with advisors.

Wingspan (School Online Magazine)

Students write articles, design layout, and edit the online school magazine.

Mr. Brett Duncan


Two Wednesdays a month


Students create and design a layout for the yearbook and work to include pictures and captions for the year’s events and activities.

Mr. Jason Young


Two Wednesdays a month


Soar stands for Students/Staff Over Achieving Recognition. It includes students from all teams who are proud to be an Eagle and want to bring the school together through events planned such as Bingo Blast, Soar Day, the Soaring Eagles Ceremony, and many more. Students on Soar should be role models of what an over achieving student should be in the areas of respect, kindness, and their academics.

Mrs. Corliss

Ms. Moran

Mrs. Seppelin


First Tuesday every month

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Threat Incident

Tuesday morning, September 27th the ORHS office received information indicating a potential external threat to the campus of that school. AWRSD personnel immediately contacted Ashburnham and Westminster Police and Fire and coordinated our response.

Students and staff at Oakmont Regional High School and Overlook Middle School were instructed to "shelter-in place” for a period of time while the situation was investigated. Local law enforcement coordinated with regional and state law enforcement officials and established and executed all necessary protocols to vet the threat. All protocols were executed and the threat was deemed to be unsubstantiated. An investigation is underway and is ongoing at this time.

At no time were students or staff in any danger this morning. We apologize for any inconvenience traffic delays or students being held on buses that had not yet arrived to OMS or ORHS at the time of the threat may have caused. Our students, staff and families were all exceptionally cooperative and understanding this morning. We also benefited, as always, by our incredible partnership with Ashburnham Fire, Ashburnham Police, Westminster Fire and Westminster Police.

As always, the safety of our students and staff is our top priority and we will continue to ensure that all protocols and procedures are constantly updated, practiced and executed when needed.

Credit- Communication from Superintendent and Police Chiefs

Recipes of the Month

Pear Crisp With Vanilla Ice Cream

By: Tatum Bahosh


  • 4 whole to 5 whole pears

  • ⅔ cups of sugar

  • ¼ tsp. Salt

Topping Ingredients

  • 1 ½ cups of all purpose flour

  • ⅓ cups of sugar

  • ⅓ cups of brown sugar ( firmly packed )

  • ½ tsp of cinnamon

  • 1 stick of butter

-Serves 4 - 15 min prep time - Cook time 40 min


  • Preheat oven at 350 degrees

  • Peel, core and dice pears.

  • Put the pears into a bowl and stir with ⅔ cup of sugar and ¼ tsp of salt

  • In another bowl combine 1 ½ cups of all purpose flour, ⅓ cup of sugar, ⅓ cup of brown sugar, and ½ tsp of cinnamon. Stir together. Drizzle melted butter little by little. Stir until all combined.

  • Pour pears into a baking dish and add the crumble topping ⬆️

  • Bake at 350 degrees for half an hour.

  • Place the pan on the top rack of the oven for an additional 10 minutes, or until the crumble topping is golden brown.

  • Serve warm with vanilla ice cream. Enjoy! 🙂

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Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Bars

By Allison Buszkiewicz

2 eggs, beaten In a bowl, combine eggs and oil.

½ c. oil Stir in dry cake mix and pumpkin pie

1 t. Pumpkin pie spice spice until well blended. Fold in

1-½ c. semi sweet chocolate chips chocolate chips. Bake at 350 degrees

18- ½ oz. pkg. Yellow cake mix for 28 to 30 minutes. Cool

Completely. Cut into bars. Makes 20.

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Pumpkin Seeds

By-Kae Hildreth

PREP 10 mins

COOK 25mins

TOTAL 35mins

Season pumpkin seeds with almost anything from your spice cabinet. Boiling the seeds in salted water for 5 minutes before roasting helps to clean and season them. Before baking, pat the boiled seeds very dry otherwise they will not brown or crisp.

Makes 1 1/2 cups


1 1/2 cups pumpkin seeds

2 teaspoons fine sea salt, plus more for serving

2 teaspoons olive oil, melted coconut oil or nut oil like walnut

2 teaspoons your favorite spice blend such as curry powder, harissa and chili powder


Heat the oven to 350 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Fill a medium saucepan with about 2 cups of water and season with 2 teaspoons salt. Bring to a boil.

Meanwhile, scoop the seeds from your pumpkin. Add the pumpkin seeds to a bowl filled with cold water and swish them around until the seeds float and are mostly clean.

Add cleaned seeds to the boiling salted water. Simmer for 5 minutes. Drain and pull away any remaining pumpkin attached to the seeds.

Scatter the seeds onto clean dishcloths and pat them very dry. Mound the dried seeds onto the prepared baking sheet. Add the oil and any spices on top then toss until well coated. Spread the seeds into one layer. Bake, stirring the seeds at least once, until fragrant and golden around the edges, 10 to 25 minutes, depending on how large the seeds are.



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New Staff Interviews

By MJ Peterson

Mr. Quinn

7 Red Science

Why did you switch from Engineering to Life Science?: “I started as a life science teacher, I switched to Engineering but always knew I eventually wanted to go back to Life Science. When I saw the position open up, I took it.”

What was your dream job as a child?: “A teacher.”

What is your favorite animal?: “A frog.”

What is your favorite color?: “Green.”

Mr. Miganowicz

8 Orange Social Studies

Why did you switch from being a Paraprofessional to a Social Studies teacher?: “I was already here as a paraprofessional before I became a civics teacher. I worked at another school as a special ed teacher, and then switched to Overlook to work as a para. When I saw the civics teacher position open up, considering my background in History, I decided to apply.”

What was your dream job as a child?: “A university professor.”

What is your favorite animal?: “A Mallard duck.”

What is your favorite color?: “Dark green.”

Ms. Bogosh


Why did you come to Overlook?: “Overlook has a special place in my heart, because it’s where I first started. I’ve taught middle school and high school before, but I like the age of middle school more. I think there’s an exceptional staff here at Overlook, and I’d like to support them.

What was your dream job as a child?: “An astronaut.”

What is your favorite animal?: “Elephants.”

What is your favorite color?: “Green and navy.”

Ms. Fields

Resiliency & Wellness

Why did you switch from Science to Resiliency & Wellness?: “When I saw the job description, I thought it would be a fun change. I love helping students find strategies that will allow them to deal with their emotions.

What was your dream job as a child?: “A teacher.”

What is your favorite animal?: “Dogs.”

What is your favorite color: “Yellow.”

Ms. Miville

Vice Principal

Why did you come to Overlook?: “Ms. Bogosh and I have worked together for a long time, and enjoy working together. I also like to work with younger students.”

What was your dream job as a child?: “A garbageman.”

What is your favorite animal?: “Monkeys.”

What is your favorite color?: “Blue.”

Hot Spot!

By Allison Buszkiewicz

The top song right now is

"As It Was” by Harry Styles,

from the album “Harry’s House”

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Apple Released the new IPhone 14

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The ending of Stranger Things season 4 left viewers speechless and they can’t wait for season 5 which is coming out in 2024.

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The Decades Dance

By- MJ Peterson

On Friday, September 16th all grade levels met in the gym for this school year’s first dance! The school was lit up with neon colors, as well as clothes and accessories from the past decades!

First, let’s thank our wonderful student council for organizing the dance, as well as the teachers who chaperoned the dance, and helped keep everything non-chaotic. Lastly, let’s thank the custodial staff who helped clean up after us!

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By- MJ Peterson

My name is Cheche, a 16-year-old Siberian Husky. I’m a stray living in Zürich, Switzerland. Everything was fine, until Margosha showed up. Margosha, a 14-year-old Maine Coon cat. Unlike me, she’s a native to Switzerland. She was born and raised an alley cat. I was born in Alaska, immigrated to Switzerland with my family, and thrown out onto the street.

My problem with Margosha is the fact that she doesn’t fit in, even more than that, the fact that the other dogs still like her. So, today I plan to pull a trick that’ll make it so she never comes back.

I got this genius idea yesterday, while swimming in a river under the bridge us dogs meet on. What do cats hate? Water. What is Margosha? A cat.

I’m going to chase Margosha into the river.

I Hate the Coon-A Poem

By MJ Peterson

I hate the Coon

A Coon named Margosha

She’ll be swimming by noon

Margosha the Mai Coon

Will be swimming by noon

The Quest of the Best-Part 1: Class Master

By Allison Buszkiewicz

“Will!” I hear my mothers voice say from the intercom. “Time for dinner, sweetie. '' She said. I sighed. I’d been avoiding my parents all day, hiding out in my room. It wasn’t them I was avoiding, it was the questions I know they would ask. I trudged slowly down the stairs, with dread in each step. When I got down, my heart was beating out of my chest. I sucked in a breath, then walked into the dining room. I sat down, then, my parents asked the question I’d been dreading all day. “Are you ready for tomorrow?” I didn’t answer. I just sat there, staring down at my empty plate. I don’t think they expected me to answer. I mean, how could someone be ready for something like what’s going to happen tomorrow? Tomorrow. Tomorrow was the day. The day I would get my rank. And ranks determine your life. I think this system is hogwash. I wish it could be like it was in 2034, when this wasn’t a thing. But no, of course I had to be born in 2128, where ranks meant everything! My mother said that they started the ranking system about ten years ago when some scientist named Gabe Rhyell discovered some new technology that he claimed would “help society”. I think he was wrong. How the ranking system works is on your 15th birthday Gabe gives one of five ranks. The first and lowest rank was Lower Class. For this rank, you were basically just scraping by. Little money , homeless, fighting for every scrap of food. Next, was Working Class. People with this rank have a small house and work low paying jobs. My Mom’s rank is Middle Class. This rank is okay. You have what you need to live a comfortable life. Upper Class is my Dad’s rank. He is very privileged and makes good money. My parents say I was very fortunate to be born into this family. And to that I didn’t respond. You can probably imagine how the rest of dinner went. I was silent. My parents were silent. Even the dog was silent. There seemed to be this tension between us, lingering in the air above. After dinner, I went back up to my room. A little while later, I picked up the courage to go downstairs. My parents were in the living room watching TV. I sat down on the couch across from them. I cleared my throat to talk but then stopped short at what I had just heard. My Mother stopped knitting. My Father stopped reading the newspaper. We all turned to look at the TV in horror. The reporter was talking about something that had just happened earlier this evening. Gabe Rhyell had died.

We sat in silence for a few minutes and then switched on the TV to hear the rest of the story. Every news channel was talking about Gabe’s death. My Dad clicked onto one of these channels. I listened closely to every word that the reporter said. “ In relation to the death of Gabe Rhyell, tomorrow, ten kids will be rewarded with a new rank, one of which I cannot share. These kids must go to the Wandering Tradesman and tell him your rank to find out if they are worthy of the title “Class Master”. Goodnight! And best of luck to all.”

I can’t believe it! Gabe Rhyell is dead? Could I be one of the ten getting the mystery rank tomorrow? This was an information overload. I was definitely not fully processing this yet. I needed time. Space to breathe.

I believe my parents could sense this because they told me to go to bed after a few moments of silence.

I slumped up the stairs with confused thoughts. I couldn’t fall asleep that night. I barely blinked. I just couldn’t stop thinking about tomorrow. What rank would I get?

“Will come over here!” My mother says the next morning just minutes before I get my rank. “Mom, I’m nervous.” I tell her. She looks at me warmly. “ I was too, don’t worry…… Oh look! Less than a minute! James! Get over here now!” I bite my nails nervously. “3..2…1!” I look up and stare blankly at my rank. “Well,” my Mother asks. “ What did you get?” And in a shaky voice, I reply; “Mellowmelon.”


The next couple hours were a blur of stress and rush. Immediately after I told my parents what rank I got, we hopped in the car and drove off to find the Wandering Tradesman. I was still confused about my rank. Mellowmelon? There was only one logical explanation. I was one of the chosen ten. This revelation brought my anxiety to a whole new level. What would I need to do to become The Class Master? Do I even want to become The Class Master? I didn’t know.

In just a couple of hours they found the Tradesman. They walked up to him and he said; “Hi! Welcome to the Wandering Shop! My name is Earl, how may I help you?” I looked around us nervously. There weren’t many people around but still a few. I leaned in close to his ear and whispered my rank: “Mellowmelon.” I expected him to look confused, but to my surprise he kept a straight face as he pulled out a piece of paper from one of his drawers and handed it to me. My hands were trembling as I took the paper from him. I slowly looked down and saw a note that said; “10G Ave. 5:00.”

I arrived at the meeting place a little bit before 5:00 that night. And I was shocked to see that about six people were already there. At 5:00pm sharp, the Tradesman appeared and said;“Welcome my chosen ten. Let the Quest of the best begin!”


Click the link and print out the sheet

By Allison Buszkiewicz

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Laugh Corner

When you get home from school and you want a snack but you can’t reach it.

By Tatum Bahosh