Eastwood Elementary School Update

August, 2022

Welcome Back!!!

We are very excited to begin the new school year!! We can't wait to see the students and get to know them and hear about their summer adventures! School begins on Wednesday, August 24th for all students in grades 1-5. Kindergarten has a staggered start beginning.

As always, if you have questions or are not sure about something, please don't hesitate to contact us at 419.833.2821 or 419.287.3200

Open House

We will hold our Open House on Monday, August 22nd. Our kindergarten through second grades will run from 5:45-6:45. Our third through fifth grades will be from 7:00-8:00. We try to put a 15-minute gap between the 2-grade bands so that after the first session is over, you can leave before the second wave of families come in.

Staggered Start for Kindergarten Students

Our incoming kindergarten students will run a staggered start schedule for the first 3 days of the school year. This means that your child will only come to school for the block of time that was listed in your welcome letter. If there is a question, please contact the office and we will let you know the time you were given. Remember that for your child's time, you will drive them to and from school, no bus service is available during the staggered start days.

All kindergarten students will attend starting on Monday, August 29th, and regular busing will begin.

Morning safety procedure

We will continue to look at the safety and security procedures of our building but would ask our parents to stop at the front doors when walking students up in the morning. If you have questions for a teacher, please stop in the office first to notify the teacher. I know the kindergarten parents may want to walk them down to the classroom, but after the first week, please try to stop at the front doors and we can have safety patrol staff walk the students to the room.

Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Morning Car Drop Off

We would prefer that you drop your child/children off between 8:25 and 8:45 if possible. The morning drop-off will be very similar to past years. If you are dropping students off in the car line, you should have your students get out anywhere along the sidewalk so that multiple cars are having students exit at all times (instead of waiting until you are the front car to have your child get out). If you are parking in the parking lot and walking your child to the sidewalk or all the way to the front doors, please use the painted crosswalk that aligns with the sidewalk in front of the building. School begins at 8:55.

Afternoon Car Pick-up

If you are picking your child/children up in the car pick-up line, this line typically wraps around all the way to Sugar Ridge Road until students start exiting the building. Students will be brought out by a teacher at approximately 3:25 for car pick-up. Students report to the shelter next to the sidewalk to wait for their rides. If you are going to park and come across to the sidewalk to pick up your child (we do not want to send children unattended across the lot to cars), please use the crosswalk. We send

students/adults across the crosswalk in groups and also send cars out of the lot in groups, so it is dangerous to cross at other locations as we are directing cars out of the lot. * Kindergarten students may also meet their parents at the back of the parking lot next to the playground since they will be walking from the back playground lot to the parking lot.

Overall, despite the many cars, particularly in the afternoon, parents and students have done a great job being safe. Please continue to be safe whether driving or walking in the drop-off or pick-up areas. Patience and looking an extra time are always the keys.

Important Information about attending football games

Big picture

Youth Volleyball

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Technology Information

Each month our technology staff will put some suggestions in this section to help you support your child with their technology.

It is our responsibility as parents and staff to teach our children about online safety and responsible digital citizenship. Here are a few tips for parents (from Texas Tech University, Cybersecurity Awareness Program):

  • Talk with your children about online safety and etiquette/manners, and listen to their concerns.
  • Review their online activity including mobile apps, texting, posting, and contact lists.
  • “Follow" your child on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Participate in the same social media platforms as they do.
  • Use everyday opportunities – such as TV shows, movies, and news stories – to discuss appropriate online behaviors and the consequences of inappropriate activity.
  • Stay up-to-date and informed with new technologies, apps/games, and privacy policies.
  • Use your own online behavior as a role model for your family, colleagues, and friends.

Staff- 2022-2023


Danielle Brossia

Shelly Vagen

Office Area

Joe Wank-Principal

Gary Gardner- Assistant Principal

Tutsy Asmus- Guidance Counselor

Angie Jones- Psychologist

Leslie Straka- Behavior Specialist

Becca Perkins- Speech Pathologist

Preschool Teachers

Sarah Krock-Landrum

Kristen Wolf

Kindergarten Teachers

Shay Nafziger

Rachelle Chaffee

Joy Powers

Holli Coger

Katie Chudzinski

Melissa Schimmoeller-Intervention Specialist

Sarah Hummel- K-2 Intervention Specialist

First Grade Teachers

Katie Eckel

Lisa Downey

Amy Kozma

Karen Selhorst

Bri Waddell

Melissa Schimmoeller-Intervention Specialist

Second Grade Teachers

Lauren Myers

Kyle Szcublewski

Stacy Appelhans

Kelsay Hocanson

Jenny Pease

Tabatha Titus-Intervention Specialist

Third Grade Teachers

Missy Sandberg

Leslie Oestreich

Marnie Hartman

Mary Conkle

Lisa Wank

Courtney Eckel-Intervention Specialist

Fourth Grade Teachers

Eric Ward

Jessica Glanz

Amy Schaffner

Cory Schrader

Julie Cross

Kellie Leady-Intervention Specialist

Fifth Grade Teachers

Olivia Saunders

Megan Ortinau

Jenn Griffith

Libby Wensink

Heidi Downs

Mikayla Bingham-Intervention Specialist

Encore Staff

Adam Hoffmann-Physical Education

Amanda Speers- Art

Karen Walters- Music

Bonita Brown- Technology

Leslie Myers-Library

Title One Teachers

Tammy Leady

Leslie Shiffler

Paraprofessionals in Elementary

Preschool Staff

Shelly Bedford, Monica Pillen, Elisha Shaner, and Lauryn Bennett

Elementary Paraprofessionals

Mandi Camby, Polly Emch, Christine Rollins, Stacee Schultz, Rachel Beaudin, Val Sponaugle, Kathleen Stinson, Dani Richards, Karen Schroeder, Erin Wolf, Leslie Myers, Bonita Brown, Penny Baldwin, Jill Heskett, Susie Jared, Monica Pillen, Shelly Bedford, Elisha Shaner, Lauren Bennett, Ashley Harpel. This group of staff works with students in a variety of roles from individual student support to grade-level small groups to playground monitors.

There are a couple of aide positions that we are filling yet.

Important Dates to Remember


2nd- Summer Kindergarten Screening at Elementary at 9:00

22nd- Open House...K-2 is from 5:45-6:45 and 3rd-5th is 7:00-8:00

24th- First Day of School for 1st- 5th grades

24th-26th- Staggered start for our Kindergarten students

29th- K-5th all attend school


13th- 2-hour delay

19th- Board meeting at 6:00

22nd- Picture Day