Scheck Family Religious School News

Morah Revital, First Grade

Shalom Dear Parents,

Wow, what a year! better to say - what a GREAT year!Unbelievably the school year is coming to an end. It has been a true pleasure to teach your children and to share this journey together. We have learned a lot of material and participated in many fun and exciting things. As we resumed from spring break, we learned about Israel’s (69) Independence Day! We continued learning the Alef Bet, new vocabulary words, and phonics so the students conclude the year by starting to read by themselves .

We are very proud of our students as they have acquired in Kindergarten the foundation to move on to 1st grade and equipped to continue improving their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

In Judaica: The students comprehends holidays material with all the Mitzvots, Minhagim, rituals from their Hebrew/Music/Dance time at school.

We hope to say “Lehitraot” (see you soon) on Wednesday May 17, at the end of the year celebration at 4:00am in the Perez Chapel.

Sincerely, Yours, Morah Revital Levy.