Innovation Center

August 2017

Open for Business: Monday, August 21st to Friday, May 4th

Library Policies

  • All ELA classes should sign up to bring their classes for an orientation to the innovation center in August.
  • Teachers may send up to three students at a time with a pass. Wait for students to return before sending the next group. Pink passes were put in teacher boxes. *Please limit students to 45 minutes maximum per period in the innovation center on block days. All students will need to return to classrooms by 3:50 each day.
  • Entire classes may visit the innovation center to check out books, do research on the computers, or use the makerspace area, but a time must be scheduled by the teacher in advance.
  • Students may check out books, read quietly, use the computer for school assignments, and tinker in the makerspace area. Students who are disruptive or not productive will return to class.
  • Books may be returned to the book drop in the innovation center or the book drop in the cafeteria. *Teachers, return your materials directly to Ms. Ratliff.
  • Overdue student notices are printed once a month and put in teacher mailboxes. Please pass out notices in a timely manner during homeroom. Overdue teacher notices are printed quarterly.
  • Remind students to enter the innovation center only from the front entrance, and it's not to be used as a shortcut to the 700 hall by students. Students are not allowed in the innovation center without Ms. Ratliff or a teacher present.
  • Teachers should stay with classes at all times and encourage students to take care of the innovation center. *Food and drink is not allowed.

Teacher Resources

  • Self-service area with computers, laminator, poster printer, B&W printer, copier, die cutter with alphabet, number, and shape dies. *Please inform Ms. Ratliff if equipment needs maintenance.
  • Maximum 20-book check out, classroom sets of books, DVDs, & professional development materials. *Email or call me if you need books or other resources.
  • Innovation Center will be locked when Ms. Ratliff is not in there except for before school. *Check your email for notices about closures.
  • All Escambia County teachers have access to where they can find valuable resources to teach novels.
  • As a member of the SSYRA committee, Ms. Ratliffs reads over 200 recently published middle grade books a year. If you are looking for high-interest books for your students, please contact Ms. Ratliff.

SSYRA Facebook Live Events

There are Facebook Live events scheduled for the authors of some of the 2017-2018 middle school SSYRA books, including Framed!, Randoms, The Nerdy Dozen, How to Almost Ruin Your Summer, Moving Target, and Courage for Beginners. All author chats are scheduled for 9:00 A.M. If you are interested in bringing your first period classes to these events in the innovation center, please let Ms. Ratliff know. For an annotated list of the SSYRA books, please visit the following site:

Student Resources

  • 3-book maximum checkout limit for three weeks with one renewal per book.
  • No fines are assessed unless books are lost or damaged.
  • Check out privileges may be lost if fines are not paid or if books are overdue.
  • Students with excessive fines or lost books will only be allowed 1 two-week check out of an Honor book. Any lost Honor books are $1.00.
  • Computer access and access to black & white printer for school assignments only.
  • Weekly Minecraft club meetings on Friday during research (Tentatively starts in September).
  • READ sessions where classes may sign up to read to a trained therapy dog (Tentatively starts in October).
  • Scholastic Book Fair in (Tentatively scheduled for November).
  • Sunshine State Young Readers Award (SSYRA) book club for each grade will meet weekly during research (Tentatively starts in October).
  • County-wide Battle of the Books competition for Sunshine State book trivia in May. *Teachers, if you are interested in helping with this event, let Ms. Ratliff know.
  • More eBooks will be purchased this year, which students will be able to access on their Chromebooks.

Public Library Cards

At the end of the school year all students in Escambia County received free library cards from West Florida Public Library. These library cards are unique because there are no late fees; however, students can only check out 3 books or audiobooks. If students lost their cards or never received one, students can still use the online resources at school or at home. (New cards are being sent to their homes in September.) Graphic novels, magazines, and ebooks may all be viewed online. All student cards have the same number 13-digit format (1236590 + student number), and the 4-digit pin is the last four numbers of their phone number (most likely the phone number listed in Focus). Teachers, you are eligible for a free library card even if you don't live in Escambia County. Just show your county badge at any of the seven library locations to get a library card.

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"Once you learn how to read, you will forever be free." --Frederick Douglas