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Happy Monday! Hope the weekend was awesome and that you are ready to rock and roll this week. A part of me wishes it was still beach season and that my bum was seated in a lounge chair resting upon the warm, soft sand of the beautiful coastal view backing up this text... but, it's not and instead I'm pulling out some cozy sweaters and my favorite pair of leggings as we've greeted the season of Fall. That being said, my bathing suits are still within reach even though most of my beach days will likely be in 2017. I say this because bathing suit season (for me at least) is a one half exciting and one half frustrating. Yay for sun-kissed skin and warm summer nights but nay to showing off a lot more skin. So this brings me to the topic of the week, which is GOALS!

Many of us out there enter Fall excited for the holidays and the food and the drinks and all the celebrations that come with the season. A little less working out. A few more candy corns and a lot more cocktail. Your diet takes a hit and you ask yourself how do I tackle the holiday parties and how many more BBQ mini meatballs on a stick can I stuff in my face?!?! But that doesn't need to be you! Breathe in the fresh, cool air and seize the chance to walk/jog/run/bike/rollerblade outside...I mean that Fall foliage, you just can't beat it! Master a new salmon recipe or learn how to make a butternut squash soup sans cream or butter. You CAN stay the course all through the holiday season and declare "I am 100% excited for swimsuit season" come summertime IF you set those goals and start now.

SO, grab a piece of paper or open up Notes in your iPhone and enter three emotional goals: 1) how you'd like to feel on this beach 2) how you will feel if you don't hit your goals and 3) how you could inspire someone else to feel great just by being with you and craving your goal-smacking energy!

Then, be smart about it. Set smart goals (have you heard of SMART goal-setting? If not, it's simple and goes like this: design goals that are Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic and within a designated Timeframe. If you have questions about how to do this, ask me or hop online. Keep those smart goals nearby and look at them once a day!

Lastly, share your goals! Talk to your friends and family about them. They are your greatest support team. (And by that way, that's part of your accountability piece!)

That's a wrap for now. Have a great week and talk to ya next Monday!

In good health and much gratitude,


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