Dream, Believe, Achieve

Summer 2015 Training Series

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Shifting Your Perspective

As we head into summer, I want to share our training focus for June and July. When I first started out back in 2011, the national conference theme was Imagine the Possibilities. I really grabbed hold of that and decided the possibilities were endless on this journey I was on with Thirty-One.

When choosing our team name in August 2011, I incorporated those possibilities into our team tagline: Dream, Believe, Achieve.

Dream: What is your biggest, baddest dream? Don't be afraid to let yourself Dream Big!

Believe: If you set your mind to it, you can accomplish anything. That big dream? It can be yours! Believe in yourself and your capabilities to make your dreams come true!

Achieve: Work for it! It may take time and it will take hard work, but set goals, access trainings, utilize your upline (me) and make your dreams a reality!

To kick things off, I would encourage you to listen to the 31 Minute training call by Martine Williams: Shifting Your Perspective. This training is one that I listened to very early in my Thirty-One career, and it was so eye opening for me.

I can't wait to "see" what you learn! E-mail me 5 things you learned from the call by Thursday June 18, and you will find something special from me in your mailbox!

Click the link to listen to Martine's training call:


If that link does not work, you can access the training on TOT (thirtyonetoday.com) by typing the work "shifting" into the search bar. You can also download the mp3 to your computer or phone via TOT if you want to listen to it on the go.