L.A.M.E. Workouts

For when you hate the gym, but still need to lose pounds...

L.A.M.E. Workouts are right for you!

L.A.M.E. Workouts target a variety of muscles. Our 8 dances work your joints & muscle groups. It focuses on abdominal muscles, bicep muscles, the gluteus maximus, & trapezius muscles. By working these areas, they will improve strength, endurance, & dance moves!

How it works

These 8 dances work the ball & socket joints as well as improve your muscles. "Lawnmower", an original L.A.M.E. dance, contracts muscles using flexion & extension around the humerus known as the biceps. Another muscle that is strengthened is the gluteus maximus; our "buckets" dance includes several different types of squats working the bum. Not only that, but your abdomen will surely be burnin' after "DJ 4 square" with engaging your core throughout the dance. Lastly, "disco dog" will work your traps using elevation & depression in a way you have never felt before.

More Info

Who: People looking to shed pounds in a fun, upbeat way!

What: An array of simple, unique dance combinations

When/Where: Available wherever, whenever!

Why: To tone those muscles that need it most

Featured Dances: Buckets, Holy Grail, Lean, DJ 4 Square, Disco Dog, Checkmate, Lawnmower, & Hang 10

About Us

Founders: Alexandra Musillo, Megan Kramer, Alexandra Riley, & Elliana Blumenfeld