Happy Friday

10 Days Until Summer Vacation

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Defined as the state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing. The students need their teachers and support staff to be here at Owens and present. We are having way too many absences at the end of the year. This is not uncommon for staff to be ready for the end of the year; however, the students need you here. We only have ten days left and you can do anything for ten days, lets make what you do being fully present for those days.

Staff Last Day

A few staff have come to me stating that they can't work on the Saturday for the last day. The two options we were give were Saturday June 4, 2016 and Monday June 6th. I decided upon Saturday so it would not conflict with the summer school preparation. Some of you have already spoken with me but If you are unable to be here on Saturday, please provide your reason to me by Monday May 23, 2016 via hard copy, turned in to Mrs. Leviege, and we will come up with your closeout.

Last Two Weeks of School

For the final two weeks of school, we will be implementing strategies to assist with smoother dismissal from classrooms. Team Leaders should make sure that all teams have someone assigned to all duties. As it stands students are being released to the hall with out a monitor. Effective Monday May 23, please be aware of the following updates:

  • Beginning at 3:45, ILT members assigned to each hallway will report to the community hall and then radio to Ms. Idrogo when your hallway is quiet and ready to proceed with dismissal procedures. We will begin dismissal when classrooms and students are at a level 1.
  • Make sure your TV is on as the dismissal will occur from the television along with any end of the day announcements.
  • The last day for student backpacks will be Wednesday May 25, 2016, please make sure to remind your students regularly.

Extravaganza Feedback

Thank you to the ILT for the great day they planned to celebrate our students who worked really hard during blitz. While sometimes it seems we have a lot of students that misbehave, I promise you we have way more students who come to school each and every day ready and willing to learn and try to do the right thing. We have many adults who are here every day willing to teach and try to do the right thing. What a great day when they two mesh! The 6th grade students had a great time and I enjoyed every minute of playing uno with them today. Honestly, I did hear that some of our 5th grade staff had some concerns and were complaining about the day and that is unfortunate. In the future, if you have ideas about how to make events better or the campus run smoother, time is better spent discussing solutions instead of passing judgment about the staff members that wanted to provide a nice celebration for our students. I truly think they had a great time.