By Terry Kobert

The Information on gallium

The symbol for gallium is Ga. It is in group 13 and in period 4. It's atomic number is 31 same as the atomic weight. The classification of gallium is metal out of metalloid and non-metal.

The history of gallium

Gallium is an element of the Periodic Table. It was discovered by a guy by the name of Paul-Emile Lecoq de Boisbaudran in 1875. It was first discovered in the city of France. Gallium was named after the greek word "Gallia" which stands for France.

The description and properties

Gallium is silvery white metal. It's melting point is so low that if it is put on a human hand it will melt. Gallium is a very good electrical conductor. It was used in LED's at the very beginning of the LED start. Gallium's atomic mass is 69.723.
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The biology in humans

Gallium is not regularly found in humans. Scientist said that Gallium can be used to stimulate the human metabolism.

The uses of gallium

Gallium does not have much use in the world. when it is used it is used in Nuclear medicine and physics.

Interesting facts about gallium

Gallium is a free element in nature. This means that it can be found in the nature around us. Also is can be found as a by-product of Aluminum. As I said before in this presentation Gallium was such a good electrical conductor that it was used in LED lights.