By: Camryn Mosty

How Rabies is Caused & Spread

Rabies is caused by the virus called the rabies by a virus called the rabies virus. If an animal with the virus bites, scratches or licks an open wound, it could be giving you rabies.Rabies can be spread by infected animals and infected body fluids from the animals, such as saliva.The animals could be farm animals, wild animals and domestic animals. Some examples would include bunnies, dogs, bats, horses, and cats.


Rabies affects your nervous system , your brain. Some other symptoms would be

  • hallucinations
  • fears of water
  • confusion
  • anxiety
  • nausea
  • fever
  • vomiting
  • difficulty swallowing


You can't completely prevent rabies but you can stay on the watch and stay away from animals acting strangely. You could also prevent your pet from getting rabies. Visit the vet regularly and make sure your pet has the rabies vaccinations. Get your animals neutered and keep all strays away. Keep your pet on severe watch if they are outside. If you spot a stray animal around your home , you could call animal control. Some areas have signs warning you that rabid animals have been found in the area.


From 1995 - 2011 , 48 cases of rabies were reported in the United States. In June , 2004 , 3 people from Texas died on June 9th, June 10th, and June 21st. Three people from the U.S. survived from the rabies virus in 2004 , 2009 and 2011.Cases of rabies are commonly found in Africa , Asia , India , Indonesia, and South/Central America. It's not very likely to get rabies in the United States anymore.

Reasons People die from rabies in other countries

A reason other countries can't heal people is because they live out in the country where rabies could be common. Shots are hard to deliver out to the countryside.

What do i do? What will the doctor do?

If you are bitten or scratched by an animal with rabies , wash the cut with water and soap. Make two phone calls to animal control and 911. Rabies is very serious. When you get to the emergency room or the doctors office , your doctor will give you the rabies immunization and ask you a series of questions. What kind of animal bit you? How did that animal react, what are some things that it did? Do you feel different or ill?

Rabies Myths

Many people think that you can get rabies by touching or being near an animal with rabies. This is not true. In order to get rabies , the animal's body fluids have to enter your body.

Mainly children believe a nice animal won't give you rabies because they never bite. The rabies virus messes with your nervous system. That animal might not be the loving one that you expect anymore.

People have heard that the rabies vaccination hurts more than the disease. According to history , this used to be true , but is no longer.


The vaccine names/types are the human diploid cell vaccine , purified chick embryo, and the human rabies immune globulin. The vaccines can not be given to you unless you have the virus. If it is given beforehand , it may cause health problems.

Vaccine - History

Louis Pasteur was a french scientist. He made many discoveries revolving around rabies. He experimented for years and discovered that mashed up spinals from animals with the rabies virus could help a different animal survive rabies.The spinal cord material had to be heated in order to deactivate the virus.In 1885, Joseph Miester was infected with rabies. Louis Pasteur and Joseph's family thought it was the only option to inject the spinal cord material into Joseph. Joseph was the first human being to have that done. He survived. Around the 1890's , Pasteur came up with a vaccine made up of inactive viruses. The treatments kept improving. By the 1950's, the immunization shots were put in through the stomach. One shot was very painful. You had to have nearly two dozen just to be sure you're safe from the virus.


Some of Pasteur's treatments are used today although there are fewer shots and they are now given through the arm muscles.

Spinal material negatives

Sometimes the spinal cord material made people sick because their immune systems had a bad reaction to the dead animal spine. It contained a poisonous chemical called formaldehyde. The spinal material didn't even work sometimes.


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