Video Game Design

by Kennedy Boynton

The Career

Do you like video games? do you like being creative? Then this is the job for you! what you do is design what the core elements of the game are and how they will work. Also communicating to the members of the team what to make or do. Even if your not the most creative you can still be in the field and just program the objects! Or if you really want to be creative you can draw and animate the objects! Because there is a different job for anyone who wants to make games! Some benefits other than doing what you love are: You dont need a degree, the environment is casual, and you can make your own thing and get the feeling of wow! I made this!

Requirements To Design

The main requirements are experience and knowledge. The reason to that is you are not required to have a college degree. That being said you NEED to know your stuff if you do not have one. You will need a thorough amount of knowledge on the coding language you are using. Also you will need to have experience in the field to get a good job and get paid well.

Who To Work For

There are many companies that are admired by players of there games such as Blizzard, Valve, and Treyarch. A lot of people will work at companies like those but if you do not like working as a team with other people you can make games by yourself known as indie games where there are few instead of many working on a project.
I cant wait to do this for a living because I make small games myself and I really enjoy it and if I had it as a job I could do what I live and get paid for it and I hope you consider this job too!