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Lamborghini's Beggining

Ferruccio Lamborghini grew up in a small Italian village. During WWII he made engines for the war. After the war he started making tractors which are still made today. Though he made tractors his real love was sports cars. When his Ferrari broke down he took it to a shop but instead of fixing it, the man who worked there was rude to him. Fed up with Ferrari, Ferruccio decided to make the best sports cars in the world.

The Very First

The first Lamborghini was the 350 GT. When they showed the car in 1963, it didn't even have an engine! When it was released to the public it was an all-wheel drive, had a big V12 engine and a Scaglione designed aluminum body. If you didn't own one you were considered a nobody.
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This is the first Lamborghini, the 350 GT

Lamborghini Today

Today there many different types of Lamborghinis. The Aventador is the highest performance Lamborghini today, the Huracan is the mid-entry Lamborghini and there is the Gallerado with is the lowest-entry Lamborghini.
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This is the new Aventador Superveloce

The Future of Lamborghini

With new concept cars such as the Egoista and the Ferruccio, Lamborghini is sure to amaze us with lots of loud revs and astonished gasps as a Lamborghini rolls down the street.
A tour of the Lamborghini Museum. Reventon, Sesto Elemento, Miura Concept, and more!