Sunday Snapshots and Update!

February 5 - 19, 2016

Weekly Update!

A more detailed update will follow next week! It was a short week, but we still had fun and got some work done!

Reading and Writing: We have chosen our space topics and are actively looking for facts! We are learning about what makes a "good" fact and continuing to enhance our ability to paraphrase.

  • SPACE!! To enhance our knowledge as we research and to create a sense of excitement, we are doing our best to bring the exploration of space alive in the classroom. We are watching clips from the Cosmos series with Neil DeGrasse Tyson and checking out real photos from the Hubble Telescope and Curiosity Rover on Mars. More to come!!

I've attached below some links and information should you want to dial into some of these resources at home. Scott Kelly, an American astronaut who will be completing his year at the International Space Station in March, posts some fascinating photos from space on his Twitter account. The NASA Twitter account and website are filled with amazing photos, articles, and links that you might want to share with your young writer and scientist. See below. :-)

Math: We have started our latest unit, Measurement! We are learning how to measure in meters and centimeters! It's a fun, hands on unit. Chapter 7 assessments will come home next week.

Science: We started our new unit in Science - Force and Motion! We are learning about how scientists define "work" (equals force plus motion) and how we use machines to help make our work easier. In addition, we explored our first simple machine, the lever.

We also had an exciting in-class enrichment! Bionic Bonnie from Mad Science came to our classroom and helped us kick off this new science unit. We explored gravity and balance! Bionic Bonnie suggested watching the Super Slo Mo Guys for some fun science videos. See below.

Brain Breaks! As you know, we take brain breaks in class to get our bodies moving and get the brain ready to work, usually in the form of Go Noodle! Our favorite OT, Theresa Feron, stopped by the class this week and showed us another way to take a brain break. Outside the classroom we now have a Pac-Man game where the students can go and, using the pac-man images, twist and turn to get their right and left brains coordinated. So coool! Picture is below.

Big image

Teaching Team: Suzanne Pelkey (Classroom Teacher), Carolyn Rommeihs (Special Education Teacher), and Doreen Patrone (Teacher Assistant)