By: Jacob LaClear

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Capital: Kingston

Physical Geography

•Physical features: Blue Mountains, Black River

•Climate: Average Climate: Humid Tropical

•Environment: Plants: Roselle, Brassia, Animals: Yellow Boa, Lizards, Birds

•Environment Hazards: Earthquakes, Landslides, Hurricanes

•Natural resources: Bauxite, Limestone, Rum

Human Geography

•Language: Jamaican English

•Religion: Christian

•Clothing: Dress or skirt

•Music: Jamaican folk music

•Art: Sculpture or paintings of gods

•Population: 2.72 million

•Population Density: 249.91 million Square Mile

•Government: Monarchy and Democracy

•GDP: 14.36 Billion

•GDP per capita: 5,289.97

•Imports: Food, consumer goods

•Exports: Bauxite, Sugar, Rum

•Places to visit: Bob Marley's Nine miles, Mystic Mouantain