Lucille Ball

Biography by: Jenna Hinna

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Her birthday is August 6,1911 in Jamestown New York

She died on April 29, 1989

Her Mother's name is Desiree Evelyn Hunt

Her Father's name is Henry Durrell Ball

She married two men, Gary Morton and Desi Arnaz

She had two children, Desi Arnaz Jr and Lucie Arnaz

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Research questions

1. She had a positive effect on society because she always followed her dreams and never gave up.

2. She had a good effect other people because she was an actor and she made people laugh a lot.

3. The events that changed her life were her marriages because when she married Desi Amaz he changed her life and then they got a divorced.

4. I would say she is heroic,beautiful,joyful, and very creative.

5. She took risks, she always tried again and she never gave up. She sometimes got lucky.

6. I picked Lucille Ball because she had a good life, she had a good effect on society because she made people laugh, and she inspires me.

7. She is an interesting person because because she is special she always made people laugh with her show I Love Lucy .

8. I learned that she stared in more TV shows and movies than just I Love Lucy and that she also got married to two people.

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