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-Beautycounter New Video - AMAZING

-Moving your business forward in one hour. This is good:)

-Who do you know in Canada?

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This video is the new face of Beautycounter! Have you watched it, shared it? This is a great tool to open the door to Beautycounter for our clients and consultants!

Beautycounter: We All Deserve Better

Feeling Stuck? Want More? Need a reboot? Don't have time? We all have an hour and here is what you can do with it!

Move your business forward in just one hour. Wether it is one hour a day, a week or a month - if you do this you will move forward. Are you being honest with how much effort your are putting into your business to get the results you want? Posting one time on Facebook and expecting results is not a solid plan. How will people know what you are up to unless you tell them? I always say, "if you think it do it." Don't waste your time "thinking" of what to do. If you can't do it right then and take action, write it down in your journal to come back to. We can "do" a lot of things in our head, right!

Here are THREE Examples from my activity this week that didn't involve a social!


I have been posting more on FB - content and products. Maxx had his birthday on Monday and his buddy came over with his mom to celebrate. The first thing Hillary said to me was "So your posts make me feel a little worried about what I am putting on my skin - tell me about Beautycounter already!!! " Door open - conversation started. Yesterday we had a playdate and I brought her a bag of about 10 products to try! She is bringing them back on Monday and so excited to try!!!


I needed someone to try the baby line for me! I don't have a baby and really wanted some feedback. I messaged my neighbor with a newborn - we have not talked before - and said "You were the first new mom I had in mind for the BABY line from Beautycounter! You have to check it out - what are you using for your little man (and little girl) right now? Would love to know. I am going to be getting a few ladies together Friday to check out the line at my house in the AM - will shoot you a message on it! Here are the details on baby!!! Finally - Baby is here! Beautycounter has launched the baby line that is based on simple ingredients focused on safety, every baby should be lathered in products that are safe for them. Every Mom, Expecting Mom, Grandmother, Sister & Friend need to know what is in the products they are putting on their most precious and make sure they are not putting toxic ingredients. Plus - the crazy lawsuits out there just back up the importance of putting safe products on your children!

"The baby shampoos, soaps and lotions you use on your child might be labeled "natural" or "gentle," but could also be filled with toxic chemicals which are dangerous for your child's health. Most of the chemicals in use have never been tested for safety nor are they regulated in the U.S." Order yours for the babies in your life. Nothing but the best for your little one, brought to you by Beautycounter. The company that is leading the way in changing the laws that govern your personal care products. Join us in the movement by purchasing products that are the most stringent on safety testing. Got to try these out in Atlanta this weekend and they are amazing!

Her response:

Hi Kelli smile emoticon Thanks for thinking of me!! Right now really all we use on their skin is the baby Aveeno shampoo/body wash combo. We rarely use lotion on them, but when we do we use Aquafor. Hopefully those aren't terrible?? I would really be interested in seeing/hearing about some of those products for kids/babies.

Definitely send me to info for this Friday - things tend to be a bit all over the place/chaotic in the morning with both kiddos at this point LOL, but I may try to make it over!!

Thanks again, Kelli - Hope you're doing well!

The conversation went on. I dropped off the baby plus a skin kit! She ended up ordering a $150 worth of product and is interested in hosting a social.


Posted about Sunscreen on FB - what is in your sunscreen -

From this post I had three people ask about safe sunscreen and ended up with 3 orders for Sunsticks and Lotion!!! Get people curious and checking their products!

Print off this check list and keep it close. OK - so what should I do? Here are some examples.

Educate Others

Talk about the mission - content and education first. Those are the facts. Give people the facts and educate them on how to check their products for safety and that we have a solution if you need a safer choice. If you don't educate, how will they know why they should switch to safer?

Empower Someone (or yourself)

Give someone, or yourself, the opportunity to set a goal and encourage them to execute their plan to meet their goals. Setting goals may seem scary but then you can measure your efforts and your success. What is your goal this month?

Invite into the Mission

We are giving a gift to someone - not doing something to them. We know how thankful we are that Beautycounter came into our lives - wether it was a solution for better products or the incredible financial opportunity. Give that gift to someone else, they will decide for themselves. If you don't ask, the answer is always no.

Potential Prospects

Write down 5 people you want to approach to tell about the Beautycounter products. Here is an example I sent my cousins - I just really want them to check their product!!

Hey Gals!! I hope you are all doing awesome! Today I am passing along some articles I really want you to look at to check the products you are using on your skin - make-up, sunscreen and shampoo-conditioners! I am so passionate about educating about what we put on our skin is just as important (if not more) than what we put in our bodies! The toxic load from our products doesn't show up right away but when you don't want it - with women trying to conceive who can't, in our kids with allergies and autism and making us go into menopause earlier and longer! I don't want that for us, so please check out these resources and use them to find out how toxic your current products are and if you need to switch to safer! For sure check your/Anna's sunscreen (should not have Oxybenzone in it - sprays are the worst) shampoo/conditioner and make up! SOOO important! I love you guys and thank you for checking this out! Will send you a few videos and links!! XOXO Kelli

Skin Kits/Samples

Here an example of getting your products out there. Get your products working for you! Don't have a social booked? Make a list of three people to get your products to - who has been interested, liked a post, wanted to come to a social but didn't, co-workers. Skin kits result in sales and people are always grateful to try them!

Here is what I do with one hour when I have it! You can too!

-Message/Call 5 current clients on reorders - anytime I call, I get an order. People want to hear from you!!! It is Customer Service. Don't forget about the clients you worked hard to get!

-Get one new skin kit out!

-Coaching calls - I do 3 a week. What is your goal? Hold each other accountable for action.

-Go through client list and ask three people if they would like to host a social - the perks are great! They already love the products and want more - especially at a huge discount!

Now it is time to push PLY - make that call, send that message or host your first social!

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Two More Local Events Next Week - Cedar Rapids 21st and Des Moines 22nd

Who do you know anyone in Cedar Rapids or Des Moines? Have a team starting there? Message or email me for details or the invitation to help grow your business.

Who do you know in Canada??

Do you know anyone in Canada?? Beautycounter just launched this week with our friends to the North and I could not be more excited! What a HUGE opportunity to join our mission, literally in on the ground floor in our second country!!! This is an amazing opportunity to network your base and see who you know in Canada. Perfect ground floor opportunity! Do you know someone?
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Set a Goal. Start a Plan. Track your success!!!

I firmly believe in putting pen to paper with your goals. We are busy, we forget the work we have put into the business and this is a great tool to track all the work we have done. Have a goal but don't know where to start? Contact your mentor or myself for coaching calls and to keep you accountable. Your goals and your work have to be aligned in order to succeed. You can't measure your wins without a goal. Want to make it to Sr. Consultant or Sr. Manager - put it to paper and let's get to work! Send me a snap shot of your goal, I love seeing what you want to get out of this business! No Limits!
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Article to Share with your Clients. Safe Swaps matter!

Small Groups

You may be asked in the future to participate in some small groups with people who have similar BC businesses to help share best practices, push each other and grow. This is totally optional. I will ask you and if you don't want to participate let me know. Also, if you want to be on the list let me know! You will be getting training from different mentors to gain a new perspective rather than just hearing from myself or your mentor.
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Kelli Weber, Senior Director

2016 is our YEAR! Big Goals, Big Change. I am here to help you succeed - our team is a powerhouse and I want to help you execute your ideas! We are stronger together than apart! How can I help you? Reach out to schedule a call anytime.

I want to hear from you!

What do you want in a newsletter? Message me with questions, content ideas or products you want to know more about! This is for you and I want to give you what you want! Reach out anytime and let me know how I am doing for you:)
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