Keyshawn's Goals

Mrs.Cannada 5th grade 2015

My Strength's and Weaknesses

My strengths are Extra Practice for adults because it makes subjects easier and I can understand more then I use to. My weakness is no concentration because I can't understand and listen so I won't know what to do.

Goal for this Year

My Language arts goal is How to approve more by asking for help or go ask teacher to retell the question. My social studies goal is learn about more or research the war subject were working on. My science goal is getting things done correctly in time. My last but not least goal is on math I mean I'm doing good in math but I just need to catch up on decimals and ask for more help than before.

Personal Goals

My Personal Goal is to not fail math or social studies by listening to the teacher more carefully. Another goal I have is making better grades in math,science, social studies,and reading.

Who Can Help Me?

The Person that can help me is my Parents and my teachers because they don't act like a lack of effort and when I need help they'll be there for me.

What Might Distract Me?

What might distract me is when no one's silent and full blast then a party. Or there's someone bothering me too much that's what distracting.