Bucket List

By: Shivani Patel

Northern Lights

The northern lights take place in Norway.You can go on snowmobile safaris , dog sledding , and northern light lectures. The northern lights are also called the Aurora Borealis. The northern lights are produced by solar wind particles. To get to Norway the cost of the flight per person is is $1198.30 for a round trip and it is a 15 hour trip.
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The Great Wall of China

This is located in Beijing China. The great wall of China is the longest wall in the world and the biggest ancient architecture in China. The construction of The Great Wall began by the warlords, war prisoner,convicts, and forcibly peasants.From Atlanta to Beijing it cost $1172.10 per person and it is a 29 hour flight.
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Island of the Dolls

This island is located south of Mexico City between the canals of Xochimco. The island's history is that the man saw a girl drowning and after she sank a doll floated, ever since he has been collecting dolls to hang around the island in honor of the girl. Legends say that the dolls have the spirits of the girl. Tourists say that they have heard the dolls have whispered to each other and that they have lured them into the island. The caretaker of the island is Don Juilain Santana Barrea.
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