Special Education Weekly Update

May 11, 2016

Student Motivates Students

Below is a picture of Logan Gorczynski a 8th grade student at Albion Middle School. On May 10th, Logan was accompanied by Albion Assistant Principal, Mike Vukovich to Chapman Elementary. Logan visited Chapman to present to 5th and 6th grade students. Personally, I have known Logan since he transitioned from our Strongsville Preschool to Chapman as a kindergartener. Logan is an awesome person and has an amazing gift to identify how he and others feel and put those feelings into words. This gift touches your heart and makes you feel at ease. If you have ever had the opportunity to know Logan then you know what I mean.

For many years now, Logan has said that when he grows up he wants to become a motivational speaker and wants to tell his story to the world. When he spoke to the students of Chapman he talked about how cerebral palsy and depression have impacted his life but have never been obstacles he cannot overcome. Logan has a gift for touching hearts while he speaks. Adults and students were captivated as he spoke about the challenges he has encountered in life. Although Logan has challenges specific to him, he speaks in a way that his audience can connect and relate their own challenges to his.

As Logan moves on to high school, we will miss him in Strongsville as he will attend Lawrence School for 9th grade. If you have the chance to see Logan be sure to wish him well as he moves on from Strongsville Schools.

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End of Year

As we bring the school year to an end, our department is in the process of ensuring compliance timelines have been met and that signed documents are here in our office. We expect to have this data collected by tomorrow so that if there is a question or concern there is time before May 20th to get answers and correct errors. If by some chance you have documents ready to be sent and have not done so, then please submit those to Lori Phillip asap.

Remember to lock your documents in IEPAnywhere - this is essential for our compliance reporting!

Also for SLPs and Psychologists, Bethany sent you a separate email on how to wrap up your cases for Medicaid. Please look for that email and ask questions if you have them.

Lastly, most ESY paperwork is in however there are some hanging out there. This paperwork is essential for proper planning and staffing so please submit this paperwork asap if you have yet to do so. Teresa Karsnak and Cheryl Bizub will submit a list to me this week of ESY needs and scheduling.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us.

Federal Funding Meeting

The following information is posted on our website and will appear in the Post this weekend. Please share the information with parents.

The public is invited to participate in a May 17 meeting to discuss the use of special education funds within the Strongsville District. The primary topic will be the federally funded Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, Part B. A discussion will be directed toward the use of the federally funded Early Childhood Special Education fund.

The District’s Director of Special Education will lead the presentation and participants will have an opportunity to provide input for the continued use of those funds. The meeting will be Tuesday, May 17 at the Strongsville City Schools Administrative Offices, 18199 Cook Avenue, Strongsville, Ohio in Room 15, from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Special Education Department

The Special Education Department in the Strongsville City Schools is a proactive group of highly qualified and driven educators that are dedicated to serve students with disabilities with passion and hard work. We provide professional development and innovative training to all levels of staff to ensure outstanding service to our students. We have high expectations at every level and work continuously to improve our instructional practices, leadership, and collaborative partnerships with parents and families.