The Minions


Have you seen the movie the "Minions"?

Have you seen the movie the "Minions"?

It's a very happy movie, I saw it and I was amazed!!!!

It's a wonderful movie!...

It's a beautiful film, full of humor and laughter.

Is really nice and suitable for all ages, I highly recommend this movie to everybody.

The plot is about a man who has adopted three girls and they go to places together (parks, amusement parks and playgrounds) eventually they become best friends, and the Minions "join the party".( the Minions are small, yellow creatures with a blue suit and they speak a funny made-up language)

It's the best movie in the world!!!!.....

This is a sneak preview of the movie
טריילר לסרט "המיניונים" - עכשיו בקולנוע