Team 2024

May 2023


Please see below the schedule for the last week of school May 22-25. Students will be taking Final exams. Finals make up 20% of the semester grade. Please help your student succeed by ensuring they arrive on time and have a good night sleep. In order to maintain the integrity of finals testing environment, we will not be able to call into/or interrupt a classroom to get a student; so if possible, please avoid absences, scheduling appointments or early vacations for your student during this week. Also please note early dismissal Wednesday and Thursday.

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Area 31 Transportation Survey Email

Team 2024 counselors sent an email earlier this week to parents/guardians of students who were accepted into an Area 31 program for the 2023-24 school year. This email included the student’s name, section, and program. For planning purposes, please fill out the Transportation Survey in the email by Friday, May 19th. This survey will assist the BCSC Transportation Department with determining how best to meet students’ Area 31 transportation needs for next year. If your transportation needs change over the summer, please contact the BCSC Transportation department directly at (317) 852-6813. If you have any questions, please contact your student’s counselor.

Senior Year is coming...

Junior year is coming to a close and before we know it we will have seniors. Please make note of a couple things that will happen before we return to school in the fall.

  1. Look for emails from Prestige (not the school) via email and US mail mid-summer for info about senior pics, they are by appointment ONLY (no walk ins) and fill up quickly. Students must have at least the “nice dress” photo taken by Prestige to have their photo in the yearbook. They do not accept outside photo submissions for the yearbook. Photo taken at registration IS NOT the yearbook photo.
  2. Please be on the lookout for emails from the school near the end of July regarding senior laptop rental/ student owned laptop. There will be paperwork that MUST be filled out prior to registration the end of July.
  3. Attached to this newsletter you will find the 2023-2024 school year calendar. Please note we now start on Wednesday August 2nd.

Acceptable Use Policy

Videotaping or taking pictures of BHS students or staff without their consent is an “Acceptable Use Violation” and is against school policy. Multiple offenses could also be considered “harassment” or “bullying”. It is very important that all students and parents/guardians are aware that this type of violation could result in serious consequences. Please have this conversation with your student to make sure they are aware of this policy and expectation.

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Graduation Requirements Highlights

Pathway Requirements

Requirement 1 - meet graduation requirements

Requirement 2 – Service-Based, Work-Based, or Project-Based Learning

  • Students taking US History will be completing a Project-Based Learning project in class this semester.

Requirement 3 - AHD/THD, CTE concentrator, other AHD - World Language, 4th math, AP/DC courses


Yearbooks are scheduled to be delivered during 1st PERIOD CLASSES Thursday, May 11, through Wednesday, May 17. The schedule for delivery is as follows:

  • We will first deliver to the Senior Academy classrooms, gyms, and weight room on Thursday, May 11th and Friday, May 12th.
  • We will then deliver to main building classrooms Monday, May 15th through Wednesday, May 17th.
  • We will finish up any remaining / missed classes on Thursday, May 18th.
  • Any student who has not received their yearbook due to absence or any other reason can pick their yearbook up from B2-410 on Friday, May 19th before or after school.

Potential Changes in 2023-2024 Bus Routes

As BCSC prepares to open Crossroads Elementary for the 2023-2024 school year, the Transportation Department has examined every PK-12 bus route for safety and efficiency. For next school year, some existing bus stops will be eliminated, moved, or combined. As has been our practice for Back to School, if you requested bus transportation during registration for your student(s) for next year, you will be receiving a phone call from your student’s bus driver and an email from the Transportation department in late July with the detailed information. Please know, all bus stops meet or exceed the criteria BCSC sets for student safety.

Dress Code

With weather warming up please remind your student that all BHS must follow are dress code.

Clothing should be so constructed and worn in a manner that is not unduly revealing. Tops that may NOT be worn include tank tops, muscle shirts, tube tops, halter tops, backless shirts, tops with spaghetti straps, sheer or fishnet shirts, and cut-offs or other tops which show midriff. Plunging neck lines and excessive exposure is not acceptable. Our gauge for necklines will be 4"; the length of four fingers. All shorts, skirts, and pants should not be unduly revealing, using the fingertip rule as a guide.

Students who are in violation of our BHS dress code will be sent to the team office to put on school-assigned attire or call a parent/guardian to bring them a change of clothes.

Hats, sweatbands, and bandanas are not to be worn in the building. Students who wear hooded sweatshirts are not permitted to wear the hoods. Any new "fads" in clothing or anything specifically covered in the above guidelines, which is considered inappropriate dress shall be dealt with at the discretion of an administrator/designee.

Wearing a lanyard is a BHS expectation, and we believe lanyards, along with ID’s, help us provide a safe learning environment for our students and staff. Right now, many students are hooking their lanyards to their backpacks, carrying them in their pocket/hand, or not displaying them at all. Students who continually do not wear their lanyards properly displayed around their neck will begin to receive warnings followed by progressive consequences. Please encourage your student, as necessary, to properly wear their lanyards daily and all day.

US Service Academy Information

For students who are interested in applying to a US Service Academy senior year, Mr. Matt Row, the US Service Academy Coordinator for Congressman Jim Baird, will be hosting a US Service Academy Information Day on Saturday, May 6th, at their Danville District Office. Please see the attached a flyer with more details about the event. US Service Academies include the US Air Force Academy, the US Coast Guard Academy, the US Merchant Marine Academy, the US Military Academy (West Point), and the US Naval Academy.

Scheduling a College Visit

Scheduling your college visit just got easier. Please use the attached link to notify the team of upcoming college visits.

Character Education

The Character Education Trait for May is Citizenship. Miss Lesko and Mrs. Mayo will be presenting information about citizenship during 5th period. During this time, students will have the opportunity to understand how to act in ways that benefit everyone in the community. Please feel free to ask your student about this classroom experience.

Attendance and Appointment Call outs

At the high school, we do not have a dedicated attendance line. When a student is out for the day, please call the team office at (317) 852-2258 extension 1801, and Mrs. Branch will mark the student's attendance.

When a student is leaving early for an appointment, please call the team office as early in the day as you can to let us know. We will send a pass to the student's class to release him/her. The student will sign out in the team office and then be allowed to leave the building. Only a guardian may call to release a student from school, but you may have anyone pick him/her up. Parents do not have to come in to sign the student out; students will sign themselves out.

Team 2024

Assistant Principal - Stacey Lingelbaugh,

Guidance Counselor (A-K) - Madison Lesko,

Guidance Counselor (L-Z) - Megan Mayo,

Academic Coach - Shanikia Jones,

Administrative Assistant - Jenn Branch,

Location: 1000 South Odell Street, Brownsburg, IN, USA
Phone: 317-852-2258 1801
Twitter: @bhsprincipals