EK Lasers

Owners: Emily & Keaton Cain

Assist officials make the correct call!

EK Lasers is a company trying to accomplish cameras to be installed in all NFL, AFL, and college football games to assist officials to make the right call on field goal kicks. We figured out that our product would have no other competitors. Our product would also have to have all the different elements combined together.

What are product looks like

About EK Lasers

Our company is a general partnership. My partner, Keaton Cain, and I equally contribute to the company. Our company is currently in the seed stage of its life cycle. We have not yet made a patent but we have done research and know there is no other company/product out there that is similar to ours. An advantage about our company is we do not need any intellectual property rights. We try to keep the culture of our business professional but not too stressful. We want our employees to meet there deadlines but not have any fun working.