Gray wolves

created by: grayson randell

gray wolves

gray wolves live in the northern part of the u.s were it gets cold. wolves have been around since the dawn of time and have evolved, mutated and physicly changed to survive many different region of the world. the gray wolf was the first ever canine ever in the world and has evolved to survive the harsh cold to the dry hot.


gray wolves live in northern America were there are millions of pine trees and oak trees with many ponds and lakes with many cavens with mineral water. wolves like to live in those caverns and the caves in the mountains and under dead logs

the gray wolf is the biggest canine of all

gray wolves arent always gray their furr changes color tonthe amount of snow and color of the trees so the have camoflauge

survival of the fittest

wolves were once nocturnal but as their prey started to move at all time of days they did th same. there furr changes color to match the area around them but it only changes once a season. when the big game meat (moose, deer, elk, ECT) began to go scarce the gray wolves started to eat small game ( rabbits, rats, mice, ECT) and even grass.


wolves have roamed the earth for millions of years even when scientist believe Pangaea the super content was attached but when it split it created many different species of wolf.

The Ethiopian wolf, The Indian wolf, The Himalayan wolf, The artic wolf, The red wolf, The eastern wolf and THE GRAY WOLF