Food and Fitness Assignment

Definition of Atkins

A weight loss program, prescribed to loose weight by eating less fat food. The effects of Atkins would cause bad breath, constipation and extreme lethargy. The long term has linked to accelerated kidney problems

Pros & Cons of diet

The Pros

.Atkins eliminates Bad carbs.

.Many people have lost weight on this plan. Several Atkins dieters have lost more than 80 pounds.

.Many Atkins had seen improvements In cholesterol levels.

.Many Men have prefer this diet thanks to hearty foods like steaks being regular menu's.

The Cons.

.Long term effects on the heart have also not been studied.

.Low carbs like Atkins can adversely affect calcium levels in body.

.People had experienced constipation, halitosis, and sometimes dehydration

.The diet does not provide much energy in the form of carbohydrate, so the body is forced to go into ketosis.

Typical week Meals

.High Quality proteins without filters

.Premium cuts of vegetables

.4-7 net carbs per meal

.No added sugars

When eating Atkins diet, people should prevent from eating much sugar, and stay on low diet, and get exercise

Nutritional Values of Meals

People would need to take change of their health and enjoy active life.

Consequences of the diet over the long term

Personal Opinion

When people don't loose weight, people who have experienced of loosing weight by Atkins diet, should introduce this weight loss to those who are In need of having eating food problems.