Digital Literacy

Final Exam 2015

Digital Footprints

A digital footprint is the trail one leaves on the internet. Social media, accounts and web searches all contribute to one's digital footprint. It is highly important to have a positive footprint because the person that will hire you, might look online for some information that will tell him/her more about your personality and weather they should hire you or not.

My Digital Footprint

As an average fifteen year old, I participate in social media. I have a Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and a Snapchat! Below I will explain how all this social media impacts my personal digital footprint:

  • Twitter

Yes, that little blue bird can make a big impact on my digital footprint. All it takes is for me to "retweet" something that I like and not view the user's username! If the user's username is inappropriate then that post automatically became inappropriate!

  • Instagram

If i follow the wrong people with inappropriate content, that will automatically leave me with a bad footprint!

  • Facebook

If i like a racist, inappropriate or offensive post then I can kiss my positive footprint good-bye!

  • Snapchat

If I post something inappropriate on my story or even if I send someone something offensive; my positive footprint will suffer damage!

What can I do to improve my digital footprint?

  • I can post positive tweets!

  • I can also start to be more aware of who I add on social media!

What's the most important thing you've learned this semester?

Honestly, I believe that the most important thing I've learned this semester about maintaining a positive digital footprint is that "once It's online it stays online forever"!!! I used to think that once I deleted or "unlike" a bad post it would be gone but it apparently isn't! This semester taught me how to be more aware of what i post online!