Principal's Corner #31

May 8, 2020

Hello Cougar Staff,

Almost two months ago, schools closed; doors were shut and only reopened for a few minutes here and a few minutes there. We were asked to take education as we know it and create learning experiences for students remotely. The words Zoom, TEAMS, and social distancing quickly became a part of our everyday language and took on different meanings. I remember the feelings I had over "spring break" as our leadership began collaborating around the idea of the CCSD Remote Learning Experience. It was overwhelming, it felt impossible, and it all seemed crazy. With one week of remote learning left, I can say it still seems crazy, but what seemed impossible was not! I am so proud of the collaboration I have witnessed. You all worked together and supported one another to make this work for our students and their families. It hasn't been easy, but we've gotten through it....TOGETHER. Next week, you will return to COT to prepare students' supplies/belongings and pack up your classrooms. While we will adhere to social distancing, it will be good to see you. I will be there Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but consider this a big hug from me to you; thank you for being you, thank you for being strong, and thank you for continuing to support our Cottonwood Creek Cougar Family.


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  • To Brooke Hall and Darren Dennstedt, Thank you both for the extra time and thought you have given me to help me learn how to create and use Google Forms. This tool has been a game changer. The 4th graders' are are the teachers!


  • To Caroline Garey, Thank you for being such an awesome teammate and always sharing new ideas with the team.


  • To Lois Vaughan, Thank you for your continued/constant support! You are always willing to help us anytime. Your calm, caring way makes everything easier! THANKS!

From Rebecca Buell

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Benefits Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is April 27 – May 15. Current medical, dental and vision coverage will not automatically renew. All benefit-eligible employees must actively participate to elect or waive benefits. Visit the open enrollment page on the backyard for information on what’s new for 20-21 including how to enroll on the new benefits enrollment platform.

Performance Improvement: Remote Learning Platforms Feedback

CCSD is currently gathering information on the learning management systems being utilized to provide instruction throughout our district. In an effort to get an accurate understanding of the technological platforms being used, you are invited to take a few moments to complete this brief survey. Please complete it by Tuesday, May 12, 2020. The input gathered from this survey will assist in our district's efforts to develop and refine our technological approach to ensure that our students are receiving the highest level of instructional excellence. We greatly appreciate your feedback!

May 11th & 12th: End of Year Check Out Information

Safety is our priority!

Please remember.....

  • This is not a time for socializing. Social distancing must be strictly adhered to.
  • We will not have many boxes available, so please bring your own bins/boxes/carriers to organize and/or transport your materials.
  • Masks and gloves will be available, but if you have your own at home, I encourage you to bring them with you.
  • You will have access to sanitizer and sinks for hand washing.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms before arriving at school next week, please call me so we can make other arrangements. Do not report to school.

  • Headache
  • Cough
  • Body aches
  • Sore throat
  • Chills
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

Thanks in advance for all your hard work.

Priority Number 1: Pack up and label student supplies/belongings

Packing Up and labeling student supplies/belongings needs to be the first task you complete next week.

  • Please reference the "Student List Supply/Belonging Distribution" Link to see the responses from our families for supply/belonging pick up.
  • CCSD will provide bags for you to use in packing up the belongings for students
  • Labels of student names will need to be securely attached to each bag; we will provide you with printed labels. You will need to staple them to the bags.
  • By 3:00 on Tuesday, May 12th, all bags must be clearly marked for each student and lined up alphabetically in the gym. We will have signs in the gym and will help with this process. Please be sure to put bags together from the same family. We will connect those bags together.
  • For families who decide we can recycle/reuse items, please either reuse them in your own classroom OR recycle them appropriately.
  • For families where no contact was made, please prepare their bag for pick up and have it ready for distribution on the 13th.
  • Lost and Found: We have a question about this on the form to families. Please do your best to locate items described. Any items not located can be picked up when school resumes.
  • If you have personal items that belong to students that are unidentified, please put them in the lost and found.

Priority Number 2: Organize Classrooms

Please use this END OF YEAR CLASSROOM CHECKOUT to prepare your classrooms.

Final principal walkthroughs of these rooms will be conducted in

June, and I will communicate with teachers any follow-up questions or concerns that

can’t wait until the workweek.

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Leaving COT?

If you are leaving CCSD

  • Return Classroom Keys: Master & Cupboard keys, school key card

  • Return Surface Pro, keyboard, power cord, adapter, and pen

If you are leaving COT for the 2020-21 school year, but staying in CCSD

  • Leave all school owned curricula, IRLA books, thinking maps, books in a designated space in your classroom.
  • Take with you your IRLA manual and Surface Pro.

End of Year Teacher Check Out Form - Complete before Monday, May 11th

Summer Contact Information Complete before Wednesday, May 20th

Progress Reports

  • The last day for data collection is 5/15/20.
  • Progress reports should be completed by 5/20/20.
  • More information to come around Progress Report Distribution.
  • All areas will be marked RL. The Achievement Status AND Work and Social Skills Rubrics have been adjusted to show an RL in place of a 4,3,2, or 1. (See images below).
  • Academic Comments: There is a mandatory remote learning standard academic comment that all teachers must use. Please reference the PDF below. Do not add any additional comments in this area of the progress reports.
  • Work / Social Comments: Summarize 2-3 areas of strength and 1-2 areas of growth from the 19-20 school year. These comments should be added in the Work / Social Comments section. No comments may refer to levels of student engagement for Term 3 in any area.
  • SpEd Progress Reports will be emailed to parents on May 22nd.

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May 13th: Student Distribution Check Out Day

May 13th Schedule for Staff

Open this link to access the details for the Student Distribution Check Out Day. This provides an overview of the process, job descriptions and schedule for staff. Box lunches will be provided.

Student List Supply/Belonging Distribution

CLICK HERE to view the Student List for Supply/Belongings Distribution. Remember, if you haven't heard from a family we will error on the side of preparing the supplies/belongings for distribution.

COVID-19 Reporting Diagnosis

If you have been diagnosed either by a test or by a provider but are NOT hospitalized please call Tri County Health Department at 303-220-9200 to report your diagnosis. This is for two reasons: so an epidemiologist can talk with you about possible exposures and communicating with people you came in contact with AND so there is more accurate overall reporting for our county and state.