So much happening between now and June 17th

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Testing is Completed

Everyone made it to the top of the mountain. The last major test of the year was taken last Wednesday. Your children were amazing. This was a particularly difficult year because we are in transition from one set of standards to to another. Our My Math (Common Core) materials did not have a significant number of the emphasized concepts assessed on the MSP. That left us to teaching topics like coordinate pairs, probability, graphing, etc. in a rapid fire, topic-of-the-day strategy. All the children were cheerful, attentive, and committed to the very end.

Thank you to all the parents who sent snacks - the Byrons, the Reeses, the Memkes, the Adams, the Burkes, the Kellys, the Busheys, the Kurtzmans, the Bermans, the Staubs, and the parents of Finn Clark. If I missed noting your contribution, my apologies. A special shout out to Teasha Berman who organized the whole thing.


Outdoor Ed.

This one is right on top of us. This Weds. We will be talking about packing a daypack on Monday and will even do a small demo. Everything has to be labeled. Electronics should be in a plastic bag.

On Tuesday morning, the fourth grade teachers will make sure every child has his/her cabin assignment.

Weds. morning, please, bring your child to school between 8:45 and 9:00. A big, white truck will be in front of the school. Help your child load his/her sleeping bag and duffel/luggage into the truck. Then you can walk to the play shed to meet your child's parent chaperone if you two have not met. We will be on the road by 9:20. Make sure your child has a snack, empty water bottle, and a lunch in his/her backpack.

Guest Speakers

Finn's parents, Peter Athan and Liesl Clark, came to class last Thursday. With Finn's assistance, they shared their family's passion - climbing and doing archeological work in Nepal. It was amazing. We were spell-bound. Finn has been going to Nepal since he was a three year- old. He will be leaving at the end of the month for the annual visit and continuation of their work. Liesl is a videographer so we were treated to a very professional presentation (narrated by Finn). The students asked some great questions. We wondered about the caves, the culture, the quest. Peter shared that he was a ten year-old when he knew he wanted to climb. He has climbed Everest seven times! I felt inspired. We all did. Finn gave the class this book, Secrets of the Sky Caves. Every child will have a chance to bring the book home for one night. Enjoy.
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Seattle Underground Tour

Thursday, June 12th 2014 at 11am-2pm

608 1st Ave

Seattle, WA

All fourth graders will be headed across the water to the Seattle Underground Tour for an end-of-the year event. My teammates have heard that this tour is very fun. I did it 30 years ago. The 4th grade at Wilkes does it. Why not?

If you would like to chaperone, just RSVP.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

First Aid Frenzy

The BIFD has done this for us for years. Maybe twenty. Dave Hannon and his crew come over and spend the morning preparing our fourth graders for any emergency they might encounter this summer. Little 15 minute sessions on Bike Safety, Wounds, Choking, 911, and the like. June 4th.

The Greek Play - June 11

In the thick of auditions. The play is a big event. We have been reading a ton of mythology hoping to bring some depth to the performances. Singing, dancing, and, of course, thunderbolts. There will be one performance on Wednesday, June 11. It will be at 6:30.

I have quite a few costumes for the goddesses in the class (donated over time), but the boys will each need a toga/chiton. I will send home a simple pattern. Parents and sibs are invited. Grandparents, as well. Every family is asked to bring a Greek dish that evening. Pitas, hummus, stuffed grape leaves, baklava, spanakopita ... head on over to the Food Network. It's our end-of-the-year celebration. So much to celebrate.


We have to work quickly to complete all I intended. Last week the students had a ton of fun using the Makey Makeys to make anything act as a keyboard - strawberries, potatoes, coins, each other. Half the class started felt bookmarks that will have an LED light as part of the ornamentation/design. Tricia Kurtzman will be helping us with some simple programming after the first of June.
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We have a substantial number of students receiving awards for Accelerated Reader, Math Olympiad, ST Math, etc. They are very accomplished scholars. I am so proud of their hard work and the resulting progress. The assembly is on Monday the 16th.