Tech Update - September 8, 2020

Some helpful tools from your innovator.

Welcome back everyone!

I am so happy to be back with you all! I wanted to share a few tools that will help you set things up this week.
SchoolTool Gradebook Set Up Guide!

TIP - If you have a grade book that you would like to import or COPY OVER from LAST YEAR: Go to the last step> rename the grade book for the specific class> remove the remote learning category (0 weight)

Need help with your AV devices or software?

Please fill out ALL of your tech requests and needs into an email:

Direct students and parents to use this as well.

Doing this really helps us support you and stay organized! Thank you.

Sherif is here in the AV room every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Ext. 2115

District Tech Support Site

All of our tech resources with innovator-created guides can be found here!

Kate Rice

Temporarily in Room 113 this year!

Library Media Specialist

Technology Innovator

NYS Certified Education Technology Specialist