Plutaro Calles

President of Mexico from 1924-1928

What did he do?

In 1915 He became governor of Sonora, and his 3 priorities were pro-education, pro-Labor, and anti-religion to the catholic church. He became president of mexico in 1924. During his presidency his anti-religion for the Catholics got out of control and started the Cristero War, a civil war between the Catholics and the federal government; which was one of the bloodiest chapters in the 1920’s.
IN 1928, Obregon was re-elected President by a landslide so because of this he was not president any more. But before Obregon took his place in office he was shot and killed and Plutarco Calles was believed to be one of the suspects. After that there was 3 president from 1928-1934, and calls referred himself as the Jefe Maximo, and the 3 puppet presidents became known as the Maximato. ON April 9, 1936 the military went into his home and he was arrested in the middle of the night and taken out of the country from then he resided his power from Mexico.

When did this all happen?

From 1924- 1928 he was president but he still has somewhat of power until he got arrested in 1936.

This was all mostly took place in SONORA, MEXICO

Did he make a change?

He made changes is a negative way, although his pro-education was the only positive thing. besides that, it was pretty bad, He was the reason why there was a civil war because of his anti-religion belief.

Why did this all happen?

All of this happened because he wanted to be in power of Mexico. He was in power when he was elected president but after his 4 years he wasn't re-elected so he was no longer president. Even after he wasn't president he was still in somewhat of power because he was controlling the other 3 presidents.

How did he change the fate in Mexico?

He changes the fate in Mexico because of the war against the Catholics. It made the citizens of Mexico realize that they have a right to fight for what they believe in and in this case they fought for their belief in their religion.