LV Technology Units

By: Josh Breider

Typing Web

  • Typing Web is a website that you have to type the paragraphs or sentences that they give you.
  • Every day we start the class off with five minutes of typing on typing web.
  • To get a four you have to finish a whole course in one quarter.
  • Also to get a three you have to finish about 3/4 of the course in one quarter.
  • The more you type the better you get at typing without looking at the keyboard.
  • Link


  • iTrailers are not like iMoives but they give you a preview to a movie you can make.
  • Are class had to make iMovies and I did it about my cat and he doesn't do much but I made it look very interesting.
  • The iTrailers make a boring video and turn it into a exciting or intresting trailers.
  • For the trailers you can pick any topic for your iTrailer.

Haiku Deck

  • In Haiku Deck you can make a presentation and add any pictures that you want.
  • Also you can change the backgrounds and fonts to how you like it.
  • You can make as many slides as you want and can make it about anything you want.
  • For are presentations, they had to be 10 or more slides.

Explain Everything

  • First we had to pick one math problems out of the 10 there are.
  • Our videos had to have a clear explanation of the math problem.
  • The videos had to be two slides long and you need all the steps.

Career Locker

  • First we had to do a test to see what we prefer, hearing, reading and watching.
  • Then we had to pick a favorite job and learn more about it.
  • After that we had to pick three jobs and learn about them
  • We had to pick one and make a presentation in Haiku Deck about it.
  • Mrs. VandenBoogaard teaches you all about career locker.


  • Coding is a game kind of and you have to put the rights blocks to make the right line of code.
  • The grading to get a four is getting to courses 9 and 10.
  • The grading to get a three is getting to courses 7 and 8.
  • Coding is a fun way to make games and learn about how to make games.