Klinefelter Syndrome

XXY Chromosome

What Happens?

This syndrome is caused by a man who has an extra X chromosome. Most normal men have XY chromosome but this syndrome a man has a XXY chromosome. This syndrome is not genetic but it is caused by a young male who is born with low energy levels.


Not every male has the same symptoms. It depends on how much XXY chromosomes the male has and when it is diagnosed. Symptoms can make men have low energy and weak bones. In some cases the men can be taller than their average age heights.

Cause of the disorder

This disorder is caused by a male that is born with an extra X chromosome. It is a mutation since it is not genetic and it could just happen. This is triggered by a male that has weak bones, low energy levels.

How the disorder is inherited

This disorder gives some males a normal sex life. For others they can be infertile. There is an extra X chromosome that it is located. This disorder is recessive.

How the disordered is treated

This disorder can only be treated by some types of medication.

How the disorder is diagnosed

This disorder is tested upon when a male infant is born. Genetic counseling is an option considering it might come geneticly.

How many and what type of people are likely to have the disorder

This disorder is not one that you hear very often. So it is not really common. It can affect most young male infants hen they are born.

Application of research article

I never have heard about this disorder so everything that I learned about it was pretty much new.