Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan story

Genghis Khan Birth

  • Genghis Khan was born on Temujin around 1162 .
  • He lived with his parents Yesugei and Hoelun.
  • He was born near the border between modern Mongolia and Siberia.
  • He lived with his parents for a wild.

Genghis Khan Accomplishments

  • He was brave soldier to fight and has a strong soul, later than became an empire.
  • He started as a soldier after a wild he started his own army and was trainig soldiers.
  • He trained and he had more than176,000 soldiers in his army .
  • One something important he was a powerful commondaer.


Genghis Khan Biography.

  • He had 3 wivies thre name are: Börte, Khulan khatun , Yesui, Yesugen.
  • He also ahd 9 chlidren with each wiviesand had alot of children there names are: Ögedei Khan, Jochi Khan, Chagatai Khan, Tolui Borjigin, Checheikhen, Alakhai Bekhi, Khochen Beki, Alaltun, Tümelün, Gelejian
  • He gave all his children his last name and also took care of each child.
  • He passed away in August 18, 1227, Western,Xia.