Happy Hope

One thing that I do well is taking photos.

I love to take photos of nature and sunsets.

Another thing I do well is baking!

My favorite thing to bake is cupcakes since you can use the icing tips and make different swirl designs!

This is a picture of my first deer that i got this past year.

I went hunting for the second time this year with my Dad and Pap and i shot my first deer! It was really exciting!

For fun I like to play soccer.

Even though i play on a soccer team in my free time I like to play soccer with my friends or practice in my backyard. I love to spend time with my team especially!

For fun I like to kayak.

After high school, I would like to go to college and become a Pharmacist.

i would like to learn how to decorate cupcakes with all the different icing tips perfectly.