Jesse Reinhart

Assignment #1 Introduce Yourself

Where am I from?

I am from a small city about 10 minutes away from Tampa called Lutz. Originally, I was born in the city of Tampa and lived there for my first 6 years. It was at the age of 7 in which I moved to Lutz and that is where my family resides today.

What is my Major?

Right now my major is Civil Engineering. However, I would like to explore all the different types of engineering before I make my final decision.

Why Excel?

I chose to be apart of the Excel program at UCF because it gives me an opportunity to succeed beyond what I would have been able to do. Specifically, one major reason I joined Excel was to make relations with people in the workforce and classmates.

How will Excel help me succeed my first year?

I believe the Excel program will get the best out of me for my first year. I'm looking forward to working with professors, T.A.s, and professionals during my first year here at UCF.

One Unique Fact...

I am not a person with many unique facts, but I will share this one. I used to play baseball in high school for a travel ball team called the Gators.