Properties of light~

Reflection, Refraction, Absorption

~Some Properties Of Light~


When light hits an object and bounces back at the same angle at which it hit the object.
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Compare and contrast Reflection and Absorption

Reflection and absorption aren't alike because absorption takes up the light and colors and reflection is when light hits an object and the object bounces back.

An example of Reflection:

A example of reflection is when you look into a mirror and you can see yourself so it a reflection.


When a light wave changes medium both the speed and direction change.
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An example of Refraction:

An example of refraction is a straw in a cup of water and the straw looks bent.


When the light energy is transferred into the object. So,light does not pass through the object.
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An example of Absorption:

An example of Absorption is a black shirt not reflecting because all of the light gets taken in by the black shirt.