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sariah soto project on the renaissance instruments


you may know this instrument you may not. Either way this instrument is called the Lute. The lute was the most popular instrument at this period. The Lute is played in esembles ,but also played in solos. In Baroque period,Keyboards took place of the Lute. The Lute is a very old instrument with a sound many people have enjoyed in the Renaissance time period. During the Renissance, it was the doinant musical instrument for song accompaniment,dance,music and continuo parts. John Doeland, the leading lute virtuoso, composed many solo pieces; all lute music was written in tablature. :)


The Recorder is basically a vertical Flute. The recorder is not a solo instrument, it can be, as you see many people have learned how to play in school. The Recorder was very common in the Renissance to be a solo instrument. The recorder is a wood instrument with seven finger holes. During the renissance, it was used primarily as a consort instrument but was given solo work in the Baroque period. :)


The Shawn was developed during the medeviel period. Before this time,you could only control the sound of the Shawn. In the Renissance, this instrument could do more. For examplethe sound. The shawn is a conical-bore, double-reed woodwind instrument. Used extensivly in European music from late 13th-17th century; ancestor to oboe.


The crumhorn was characterized by a nasail,buzzing sound. The instruments tone was limited by the player's lips. Its important to know that the instrument did not touch the reed. This instrument was not the most nor the best, populor instrument, but it was in this time and many people did like it.


this instrument is a six stringed intrument. The Viol is an ancestor of the viola and the violin. The viol is a great sound like the viola of course. These instruments were found in consorts. The Viol could be made of a mixture of Violas and other instruments. The viol was really popular in the Renissance because its in the string family with a great sound. And for those people who likes playing with a bow, this instrument was for those with the bows.


Now this instrument was an amazing and important instrument at the time. This instrument represented the key instruments of the Renissance. Key instruments during the Renissance were rarely used in ensembles or accomplished by vocals. This instrument was used for solos only. :)
Packington's pound - Anonymous - lute
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