QB 1

Mike Lupica


Jake Cullen is a Texas high school quarterback trying to be good like his older brother Wyatt Cullen, but is having some trouble doing it. Wyatt is the third string quarterback at his high school trying to prove to his coaches that he should be the starter.His older brother is a star freshman QB at UT and his Dad Troy Cullen is a retired NFL quarterback


QB 1 is about a high school QB that is not good enough to be the starter. Jake Cullen is the main character. There is a lot of pathos in the book because Jake is getting frustrated with the way he is playing at the beginning.

From #1 New York Times bestselling author of TRAVEL TEAM, HEAT, and MILLION-DOLLAR THROW comes a cheer-worthy, family-friendly football novel set amid the Friday Night Lights world of Texas high school football. This is a good example of ethos.