Thomas Allva Edison

By:Mohammed Aljabbary


1.He had struggle because he was consider dumb but was actually was really smart .

2. He was always curios and trying to do something. At age 3 he feel into a grain elevator trying to figure how it works.

3.Then at age 4 he tried laying some eggs.

4.Then later on after a few years he was removed from school due to a sign of stupidity.

5.He later on at the age 0f 11 he blew up his basement and nearly burned himself alive.


Why he didn't have the greatest struggle. There is many reasons why he didn't have the greatest struggle, here a few of them. One reason is because he didn't really have a great struggle. And he really was kind of a good adulthood but not a good childhood. And because he was only mostly dumb in his childhood.

Here are some photos of Thomas Alva Edison

Than you and this was my s'more about Thomas Alva Edison