A "Maine"-ly Tragic Tale

The Story of the U.S.S. Maine

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Logan Shore

The USS Maine by Logan Shore

Text of the Poem

Oh gather round ye children

And listen to the tale

About the menacing Maine

And how it ceased to sail

A brother to the Texas

A beacon in the dark

The eagle that was soaring

Is swimming with the shark

A mammoth of a vessel

Could crush a football game

Sailed all the way to Cuba

And was consumed in flame

February was the month

Issues were not dire

When the calm Havana bay

Erupted in great fire

Shocked Sigsbee shook and shuddered

His ship had gone away

Three hundred voices silenced

On a dark dreary day

News of the ship spread quickly

Stirred up an awful roar

“This shall not go unpunished!”

People demanded war

Cubans were liberated

The Spaniards fate was sealed

But in all this commotion

Was everything revealed?

The cause was not looked in to

The truth was not ideal

That a weapons malfunction

Started that great ordeal