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Community Based Instruction- CBI Fridays

In order to have school buses available to you for the rest of the semester, Colleen will need the following things from you.

1. A list of places you want to go this semester and which dates you want to go there. CBI Dream Plan

These places must be connected to the classes you teach (connected to competencies). You DO NOT have to confirm the appointments/tours before giving Colleen the schedule; they are probable places, like a CBI dream plan. Changes can be made when we get closer to the date.

Upcoming CBI days are:

· October 28

· November 18

· December 9

· January 6

· January 20

2. A lesson plan for each location you submit.

The lesson plan much include competencies, the date, address and your name, among others. There is a lesson plan template in the “Friday Resources” folder which has been shared with you. (Please follow the instructions on the template)

Your list of places and lesson plans must be turned into Colleen before Friday, October 14th or you will risk not having transportation other than the City Bus for the whole semester.

In the “Friday Resources” folder in your” shared with me file” in Google Docs, you will find the lesson plan template, competencies that you can copy/paste into your lesson plans, you will find Community Learning Experience (CLE’s) which list some destination possibilities, and more. Please use this to make your life easier.

Thank you for your help in getting buses to help make your students’ community experience richer. If you have any questions, please ask Colleen Knuth or Greg Kalberer .

Cultural Potluck Event

It is the new season of our 3rd annual Cultural Potluck! In advisor’s boxes there is a letter to go home to families with information about the potluck. Under the mailboxes you will find this letter in several languages (English on the back). Please take as many of each language as you need for your case load. Please send them home today so parents can make themselves available October 18th, the evening of the potluck AND conferences).

In addition to sending this home, please call your families. Call 2 or 3 families per day or call a bunch on a Friday afternoon. Research shows that more families come when they are personally invited. When you call a family please log the RSVP (yes and no answers) in this form. This gives us a better understanding of how much of everything we need to provide. There may or may not be some recognition for the staff that gets the most RSVP’s or gets their calls in first.

For Somali families: Kassim, Khadra, and Abdullahi may be available to help call home

For Hispanic families: Paulina Jacobsson and Alex Santos may be available to help call home

For Hmong families: officer Xiong may be available to help call home

Language Line

Instructions to use Language Lines is an on-call interpreter center all MPS staff can use for working with non-English speaking students, parents or community members. The district has a contract with them, and there is no individual cost to a school or department to use it.


  • Dial 866-874-3972 (toll free)
  • Enter the MPS Client # 509305
  • Follow the prompts: Press 1 for Spanish, 2 for all other languages.

School Social Workers

The district requires us to drop students who have not attended for 15 days.

For those students on your caseload, please remember to complete a withdrawal form for those students and give to your social worker.

Document your attempts to call students and check in why they haven’t been attending.

Counseling Corner:

A reminder that post-secondary wear Thursdays for the month of October: wear college / nonprofit / old work uniform / business casual clothes.

2nd semester survey closes on Friday 10/14/16. This is your chance to provide feedback! Thanks to all who have completed the Google form!

FAFSA applications opened on 10/1 this year, rather than on 1/1 in past years. Please direct students to see Robby for FAFSA application assistance and college application assistance. Thanks for your continued support as Robby continues to pull individual students out of classes to discuss post T-Plus plans and goals!

New Building Planning Committee

If you were a part of the new building planning meeting last year or would like to have input this year, we are seeking one representative from each team plus Trish, Jeanne and Jason. We were given a task last week of looking at where we are able to make cuts or think about programming differently. Bring or send any innovative ideas to your team rep to bring to the meeting.

Please respond to me by Monday afternoon if you are interested, but recognize we need to keep this group small. The group will need to meet Wednesday morning from 8-9 in the conference room. This needs to be timely as there will be a meeting on Wednesday afternoon with the architects to go back to the drawing board.

Lunch Requests

Field trip lunches need to be ordered no later than a week in advance with this form

The lunchroom staff will not be able to accommodate/provide lunches without due notice.

A list of students that are being provided with lunch needs to be sent to the coordinator, so that accountability can be taken.

If you have any questions or concerns please direct them to Sara (coordinator) at

Upcoming Events

Monday- Work based Learning meeting 9:30-10:30

Tuesday- Team Meetings 8-8:45 a (please share your agendas with Team and Jason)

Wednesday- Building Planning Meeting 8-9 a /UrbanWorks Design Meeting 2 p

Friday- ILT meeting 8 a (email Greg with agenda items)

  • ESP Meeting 2-2:30 p; 2:35-3:05 p (please send me any agenda items)

10/18- International Potluck 4-8 p

10/19- Conferences- This would be a good day to try to schedule IEP meetings

10/20- MEA- licensed staff that did not attend 8/22 are expected to either attend the

conference or be in the building - sign in will be at the front desk.

10/21- MEA

11/1- Visit Transition Plus 5:30-7 (staff that attend this will be allowed to take off 1/2 day on 11/4 - Teacher Record Keeping Day

Free Stuff

If you need any additional classroom furniture, please check the weight room gym. Tag anything you may want by Wednesday and let me know so I can ask the engineers to move it to your room. Anything not tagged or moved will be removed by the following week.
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