The Fall Of The Templar

by:Grey Griffens


The main characters in the book the fall of the templar is Logan,Natalia,Athena.Logan went out camping allot as ages 8-10.Natalia knows haling people as in taking bullets out of people and healing them with first aid.Athena practiced shooting bows and fighting with swords with her dad.Athena's family has two crash test dummies.

The Genre

The genre is fantasy.


The setting is in a cold cold snowy and windy region.

This book takes place present day.


The theme is use teamwork to accomplish things.

Point Of View

The point of view is 3rd person objective.

(The narrator tells about the action and dialogue from an outsiders perspective)

I know this is the point of view because the narrator tells each and every characters dialogue and thoughts and feelings.


In the beginning six people were at their grandmas house.Then this huge snow monster(Templar) came and attacked the house.Everyone ran in a whole lot of different directions.In the middle of the book 3 people were left and they went out to hunt the Templar.In the end of the book they found the templar and killed it.


Six people got trapped in a extremely cold windy deadly region.

They had to kill this monster called the Templar.

He was really strong that not even a gun would hurt him that much.


Two people got out by killing the TEMPLAR with only swords and bows and arrows.

They probably Had some armor and shields.

Meaningful Quote From Story

"Come on team we need to get out and kill the creature".said Logan

My favorite part of the story

I liked it when they went to the Templars cave and went all out on it.

There were only two of them and they managed to take him out.