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John Marshall Elementary


To create and maintain an environment that ensures all students reach their highest level of achievement in academics, fine arts, physical fitness and social behavior as determined by the common core standards. We commit to a comprehensive system of support to ensure these outcomes.

Principal: Ms. Patterson

Secretary: Mrs. Aderholdt

Notes from Ms. Patterson

Welcome to the 2020-21 School Year!

We are so happy to welcome you to the new school year, while it does look different than how we normally kick off the year!

I’d like to start with some closure from last school year and thank the following staff who moved on to new opportunities either within or out of our school district - Ms. Leah Schiender, School Administrative Assistant, Ms. Allison Neuberg, 3rd Grade Teacher, Mrs. Sarah Boettcher, School Psychologist, and Mrs. Annemarie (Nhia) Vang, English Learner Para. Their contributions to the success of Marshall students is so appreciated and we wish them luck in their next adventures!

With that, please welcome Mrs. Alissandra Aderholdt, School Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Megan Derfus, 2nd Grade Teacher, Mr. Spencer Susa, School Psychologist, and Mrs. Pang Vang, English Learner Paraprofessional. Also, Mrs. Courtney Brown has moved to being a 3rd Grade Teacher. We look forward to working alongside each of them to serve our Marshall families.

On Sept 1 - 3, we will hold Welcome Back Parent Teacher Conferences. We’ll ask all families to sign up for a conference with your child’s classroom teacher during those days. Please note that we have mailed classroom teacher assignments through US Mail as of Friday, August 21. Please watch your mail to find out who your child’s teacher is and follow the enclosed directions or those attached to this newsletter to sign up for a conference.

As we plan for the year to start virtually, I’d also ask any families who have not taken the Internet Access Survey for the district to do so soon so we are able to best respond to family needs. There is a link in the newsletter to respond.

We look forward to working alongside you to support your child(ren) in their learning this school year. We appreciate your patience as we learn how to best meet the needs of our Marshall families in this new normal.

Thank you!

-Ms. Amanda Patterson

Welcome Back to School Parent - Teacher Conferences

The start of this school year will look different than years past. We will be holding Welcome Back Parent-Teacher conferences on the following dates:

  • September 1st from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM
  • September 2nd from 11:30 AM to 7:30 PM
  • September 3rd from 11:30 AM to 7:30 PM

At these conferences, you will:

  • Meet your child's teacher
  • Get the supplies needed to start the school year virtually
  • Learn about SeeSaw and ItsLearning - used for fall instruction online
  • Learn about school expectations
  • Enroll in virtual learning platforms & set up your parent portal

Please bring:

  • Student's backpack or other bag to carry materials
  • Personal Device to set up Parent/Guardian portals

To abide by social distance guidelines, we ask that each student and one parent/guardian attend these conferences. If additional adults would like to attend these conferences, please contact your child's teacher or Mrs. Aderholdt to set up a Google Meet during your scheduled time. Masks are required & there will be additional cleaning between conferences.

Click HERE to sign up for a date and time to attend these conferences. Letters were sent out to all parents & guardians on 8/21 with your child's assigned teacher and additional conference sign up information (PDF below).

Important District Internet Survey

Click HERE to fill out the important internet survey for the Wausau School District.

Frequently Asked Questions - Virtual Start:

  1. Will school be in person? The School Board decided to start our school year virtually. Each month they will analyze and consult with the Health Department to re-evaluate how instruction will continue. All K-5 classes at John Marshall will be offered online.
  2. What will the schedule look like? Our daily schedule will closely follow a normal school day from 8:35 AM to 3:30 PM.
  3. How will virtual learning work? Instruction will be a mix of recorded and live sessions with your teacher throughout the day. Teachers will provide more details at conferences.
  4. What if we can't view the classes during the regular school hours? Instruction will be recorded for those of you who are unable to attend during the school day. Please discuss concerns with your child's teacher so they can assist you throughout this process.
  5. When will my child need to be online? Instruction will be delivered Monday-Thursday. Friday is a catch-up day for students and a very busy day for teachers to collaborate, correspond and plan.
  6. How will attendance work? We will take attendance as we normally would.
  7. How will grades work? Students will be graded as they normally would be.

For additional questions, please contact our office.

Learning Hubs for WSD Staff & Families

What is a Learning Hub? The learning hub is a supervised instruction support within a designated spot at John Marshall.

Who can attend the Learning Hub? A very limited number of students from the following areas:

  • Through the IEP process - very select Special Education students will have services in the building with their case manager.
  • Select Wausau School District Staff children who have no other option for their school-age children instead of them taking leave.
  • Students who have no possible internet service options at their home (families who need internet should fill out district internet survey as hotspots and vendor information is available on an as-needed basis)

Where is the Learning Hub?

  • Each WSD Elementary School will have one Learning Hub.

  • Students will remain in the designated area and be supervised by a staff member.

  • Students will not have access to teachers or other areas of the building.

Why offer supervised learning support for K-5 children of WSD Staff?

  • We want to offer support to our staff who are also parents. Other employers are also able to offer support, but we recognize that not every employer can do so.

  • Without this support, staff would have access to 12 weeks of COVID related leave, increasing district costs of needing substitutes to fill in the vacancies for the start of the year, while compromising our ability to properly educate students.

  • The Wausau School District is also an employer who is bound to specific laws regarding the pandemic.

  • This also helps staff focus on your child’s education and be present in the building

For additional Learning Hub questions, please contact Ms. Patterson.

Free & Reduced Lunches

John Marshall families will continue to qualify for pick up of breakfast and lunches. We encourage families to fill out a free and reduced lunch form if you believe you may be eligible. To pick-up lunch and breakfasts from the Wausau School District, you must sign your family up on the Paypams site. Families will order food for the week and will choose the pick-up location for this food. There are drop down menus on PayPams for ordering and choosing your site location. Families will pay their usual amount for breakfast and lunch pending their qualifications for free and reduced meals.

Click HERE for a brief video put together regarding the Free & Reduced Lunch Program.

John Marshall Staff

Pupil Services Team:

School Psychologist: Mr. Susa

Guidance: Mrs. Ehlert

Social Worker: Mrs. Graf

Regular Education Teachers:

Kindergarten: Mrs. Ekiss & Mrs. Thimm

1st Grade: Mrs. Frame & Mrs. Bartz

2nd Grade: Mrs. Derfus & Mrs. Knoke

3rd Grade: Mrs. Euting & Mrs. Brown

4th Grade: Mrs. Martin & Mrs. Wonders

5th Grade: Mrs. Her & Mr. Reiche

Encore Teachers:

Art: Ms. Anderson

Music: Ms. Monahan

Physical Education: Mr. Whalen

Gifted & Talented: Ms. Hahner

Library: Mrs. Strandberg-Bauer

Science: Mrs. Selby

Special Education Teachers:

Mr. Brotz

Mrs. Delong

Mrs. Nelson

Mrs. Schroeder

Speech: Mr. Kennedy

English Learner/Bilingual Teacher:

Mrs. Schaefer-Edwards

Title Teacher:

Mrs. Stadler


Mrs. Barthel - Health Aide

Mrs. Felver- Title 1 Para

Mrs. Leffin - Special Education

Mrs. Marten - Special Education

Mrs. Petit - Special Education

Mrs. Pergolski - Title 1 Para & Building Aide

Mrs. Vang - English Learners

Ms. Wawrzaszek - Building Para

Mrs. Wawrzaszek - G2M & Family Enrichment Coordinator

Mrs. Wolff - Special Education

Custodial Staff:

Mrs. Larson

Mr. Hanke

Mr. Kuehl