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Dear Kknowledge,

I know this is random and you probably don’t know me, but I am Jay Gatsby, a rich man from West Egg. I am having problems with my party setup. I throw these parties often a lot, they involve a very peaceful orchestra band, and high pitch voices coming from opera singers. My parties also have an amazing bar that serves cocktails. You will see a bunch of English men , all dressed nice in all white at my party. The English men always seem to catch some people’s eye. Most of the visitors that join the party are swimming and drinking. That seems to be the most interesting thing to people (Fitzgerald 26).

I am having a problem, and I was wondering if you can help. I am trying to figure out how to get a long lost friend to come to my party. Her name is Daisy, we met a while back in Louisville where she used to live. Daisy is a woman that I like. I moved to this new home across the water. I moved to this home purposely, I did this because of Daisy and how much I like her. I am having all these parties here at home and she still hasn’t attended one. I am trying to figure out what kind of party do I need to have in order for her to come. Who do you think I should have come to my party? How should the people at my party act? What else could I add to my party so that it would interest her?


Jay Gatsby.

Dear Gatsby ,

Here’s some advice for the setup of your party..

Your situation sounds interesting , and I may be able to help you out a little on this. Have you ever thought of variety choices of music ? That would be a major key to having a successful party. You should also find a way to get different singers, I am sure people would love to hear other things rather than opera the whole party. Another thing about the party that should change is that, you should give more than just cocktails to the crowd. Give the party a different taste , I am sure they’ll love the idea of having a variety of choices when they are thirsty. I am not really sure if the people at your party are really looking at the English men in a good way. I mean they are not even dressed in party clothing. People probably look at the English men like they look silly.

I think I can help you find some ways to get Daisy to come. Have you sent her an invite? That would be a smart choice to start off. You should definitely ask around, or even ask her friends what kind of parties she likes to go to. Also, ask what kind of music she listens to on a daily basis. See what foods she likes, what drinks she likes. Find out what musicians she likes. Invite them and she’ll definitely become interested in joining the party. An important thing to find out is what kind of crowd she’d want to hang around. I don’t think any women would want to be around a lot of drama and wild people that she is not used to. Give her a crowd of people that’s a little chill and where she will feel comfortable around them.