Grandparents & Special Friends Day

May 8, 2014

Join Us for Grandparents and Special Friends Day!

Every year, we encourage our students to invite their grandparents or "special friends" (such as a babysitter, neighbor, family friend, or other important person) to join them for a special day at school. This year, we'll be celebrating together on Friday, May 8 at 9:30am!

We'll enjoy a creative presentation, tour of your child's classroom, food, a bake sale, crafts to make together, and lots of games and fun. Please be sure to invite a special person for each child (or one for the family if you have siblings at the school). We will not follow our regular class schedule and all children will be released to leave the property with a parent or authorized adult at the conclusion of the events (no regular afternoon car line or aftercare).

Please note: It is important that every child have a special grownup with them on Grandparents and Special Friends Day. Whether it's a grandparent, special friend, or you the parent, please be sure that someone is at the school to support each child or sibling set on Friday. We don't want anyone to be left out!

We are excited to celebrate our amazing HTM children and the people who care for them. We're looking forward to Grandparents and Special Friends Day!


Here are the highlights planned for the day:

9:30 AM - Musical Presentation

We'll start our day with a special presentation called "The Sound of HTM" (please see description below!). Immediately following this short presentation, we're excited to present several other musical selections from our Lower Elementary friends as well as our beloved School Song, performed by the entire student body.

11am - Visit your child's classroom and check out all the work they've been doing lately!

11:30am - Lunch is available in the Multi-Purpose room. Please consider supporting HTM by purchasing a BBQ Plate (sandwich, chips, and side) for $6, or a child's Macaroni Bowl for $3. Drinks will be available for $1 each. If you'd rather take your child off-site for lunch, you are welcome to do so (just remember to sign out with their teacher before you leave). We'll also feature a bake sale during this time (please see details below), so save room for dessert!

11:30 - 1pm - Fun and Games

After lunch, please hang around for a bit and enjoy some fun with your child! Create a craft or two together, play games outside, and have a great time making memories with each other.

After lunch and games, please plan to leave with your child and enjoy the rest of the day together. Classes will not resume and school will close for the remainder of the day. Please note: There is NO AFTERCARE on Friday.

Third Grade Projects

This is an exciting day for two HTM 3rd Graders, who will be presenting their 3rd Grade Projects for our guests.

The Sound of HTM

The first, by Delaney, is a musical presentation called "The Sound of HTM." Delaney has created a special program called "The Sound of HTM," a musical look at HTM over the years that was inspired by the classic hit "The Sound of Music." Delaney wrote the show and has overseen all aspects of the presentation, including casting, costumes, sets, and directing.

Daphne's Bake Sale

We're also excited to offer another 3rd Grade Project - Daphne's Bake Sale! Daphne has worked hard to organize a terrific fundraiser featuring homemade baked goods that will satisfy any sweet tooth. When you purchase from Daphne's Bake Sale, you will help our Elementary friends purchase a class pet - a gecko! Daphne has learned all about the care and maintenance of this pet and she's excited to introduce it to the Upper Elementary community.

Share This Invitation!

Please, share this invitation with whomever is near and dear to your child's heart. We would love to welcome them to our Friends Festival on Friday, May 8!

Friends Festival

Friday, May 8th, 9:30am

Holy Trinity Montessori School: 525 Sneed Road, Nashville, TN, 37221