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Useful guidelines for a successful logo design

Useful guidelines for a successful logo design

Two gram of hard work, three gram of creativity with a pinch of uniqueness; mix well and you will have a successful logo design. Wish this could be this easy! A successful logo design is always created by professional, expert and qualified personnel. To have an attractive, appealing and creative craft of brand symbol; it is very important that the creator is follows the guidelines below.

· Work on minute details and little descriptions. Study the client brief thoroughly. Research the client’s company, objectives, competitors and industry. Every detail matters! Do not leave out details to follow the trend. Explain your company with a good brand identity sign.

· You need brainstorming. Think, sketch and complete the design. Computers are also used for creating and sketching symbols. But, sketching is easy and facilitates the designer. Brainstorm ideas with writing. Get ideas from any creative thing you come across. You will land up with a finalized stunning idea.

· Ask! Good ideas can come from anyone, even amateurs and non-designers. Execution matters! Execute good ideas by asking people various things which are interesting to you. Also, people are a good critique to your work. Take criticisms positively and polish your execution!

· If you do not have any good idea, start from one word; even your client’s company name. Create variation with different colors, typefaces and fonts. Get ideas from the company name and brand you are working on.

· Trends are everywhere, whether it is fashion or brand symbol. Research the industry especially the competitors for trendy styles and branding guidelines. It is foolishness to follow the trend, like a sheep in flock. Be creative and trendy at the same time.

· There is no need to put ‘mark’ on every brand sign you create. It is a misconception that the brand identity needs a symbol mark or a logo-type, but only a logo-type needs a logo. For say, Samsung logo has a logotype included in its shape but Apple’s logo doesn’t have any word on its design.

· A good symbol works on all backgrounds, both in black and white. Color relates and describes many things about the company but the logo is not dependent on background or color.

Every business needs success to spread and grow. It is good and healthy for business if the very identity of the business is creative, original and memorable. Target audience gets attracted towards the company, remembers the symbol, and identifies it: that means the company has worked for a successful brand representation.

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