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Health Careers High School, August 15, 2022

First Day of School

Any schedules provided prior to the first day of school are no longer valid. Students will look for their name on the list posted in the foyer for their first period class. They will receive their official schedules during first period.

School Hours

The building opens at 7:45 AM. Students dropped off before that time will be able to wait in front of the school in the covered area.


Please see the nurse as soon as possible if you have any of the following:

asthma action plan

new medical information

shot records

Students who are taking any medication also need to visit with the nurse.

Back to School

As Northside ISD prepares to welcome back staff and students for the new school year, we want to make you aware of several guidelines in place at all of our schools. Visitors to our campuses should plan and prepare for increased security measures. Please be patient and expect to be asked where your visitor badge is (if not wearing one) and your reason for being in the building. Some points to follow and be aware of:

● Always enter through the main entrance (security lobby for all elementary schools).

● Be prepared to provide your credentials, license, and/or identification card and reason for

entering the building. A visitor badge will only be provided after getting clearance through

Raptor or a records review.

● Always keep your visitor badge visible for staff to see.

● If you are regularly in the building (visiting your child’s classroom, going for breakfast, or

volunteering) please visit with campus administration for completing a background check and receiving a long term pass.

While in the building if you “see something, say something” – whether it be to your child’s teacher or any NISD staff member wearing a NISD issued badge. NISD also has a SafeLine (210-397-7233) to report any suspicious behavior 24/7. We have two police officers at every high school, one at every middle school, and additional officers that patrol elementary schools. Additionally, we have numerous security cameras in all of our buildings and school buses. That being said, it takes ALL of us to be safe.

We remind you while these changes in practice may be inconvenient, they are made with the safety of your child in mind. Thank you in advance for your patience.

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Isabella Avina was lucky enough to be able to attend Harvard's pre med camp in Cambridge, Massachusetts with Atharv, Roslyn and Emily Avina in mid July.

She was also able to be a summer camp counselor for the Pacific Symphony last week and help kids explore the arts at an immersive, overnight camp in Irvine, California.

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This is Jasreen Wadhwa (junior), Saheli Shah (junior), Anushka Jain (sophomore), and Tanvi Bandaru (sophomore) out for a lunch trip
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Jasreen Wadhwa in Hawaii!!
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Chuma Echeozo- Freshman 9th grade. Summer with cousins at Odenton Maryland.
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Ms. Galvan and family in London, Paris & Italy. Lillian is an incoming freshman,.
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Iman and Sharanya having their summer fun with us!!!

Dress and Grooming

"Due to outside regular contact with medical professionals, future employers, and the general public, a higher standard of appearance is expected for all Health Careers students than what may be expected at a traditional high school. We understand that the Health Careers administration and faculty will advise students on the responsibility of maintaining a mature and professional appearance, including coloring and styles of hair grooming, facial piercings, as well as appropriate dress and footwear." (HCHS Application)

There is a broad spectrum of what people may consider conventional and/or traditional in regard to dress and grooming. No written policy can account for every situation; however, we believe the following clarifications will be helpful when planning for the upcoming school year at Health Careers HS.

Any hair coloring that is not a natural hair color at birth is considered to be unconventional at Health Careers. For example, shades of blue, green, purple, many bright reds, etc. are prohibited. Large sections of multicolor shades of natural colors are also prohibited. For example, half blond, half black hair would be prohibited. Subtle highlights are acceptable as they are considered conventional at Health Careers HS.

Facial piercings, other than rings and studs in ears, are considered non-traditional at Health Careers HS. This precludes the wearing of gauges in the ears and piercings on the face (eyebrows, nose, lips, cheeks, etc.).

Students at Health Careers will be allowed to wear shorts according to the guidelines in the attached document. Please note any shorts or skirts must be of mid-thigh length.

Transportation Information

Please visit this website to find the contact information for the transportation station closest to where you live.