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Defendant ???

What is a Defendant ? It's an individual or company , institution sued or accused in court law.Example: The bill was shelved, a prorogation having taken place in consequence of a quarrel between the two Houses, supposed to have been purposely got up by Shaftesbury, in which he supported the right of the Lords to hear appeal cases, even where the defendant was a member of the Lower House.


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A formal examination of evidence before a judge, and typically before a jury, in order to decide guilt in a case of criminal or civil proceedings. Example : With the jury trial continuing into the coming week far longer than originally expected the Dawkins clan was going nowhere, thus causing a log jam of customers in the river of incoming lodgers.


  1. A person who brings a case against another in a court of law.

  2. In the case of a lawsuit the plaintiff preferred his own plea.

  3. When a divorce is granted, the defendant is not permitted to marry other than theplaintiff for three years, unless the plaintiff dies.

Pretrial conference & Pleadings

Pretrial Conference : A conference held before the trial begins to bring the parties together to outline discovery proceedings and to define the issues to be tried; more useful in civil than in criminal cases

Pleading: A formal statement of the cause of an action or defense.

Mediation & Arbitration

Mediation: In law, is a form of alternative dispute resolution which is a way of resolving disputes between two or more parties with concrete effects.

Arbitration: The use of an arbitrator to settle a dispute.