Changing Class Structure

Great for the middle class!

Middle class living conditions

When the middle class improved they got to have better living conditions! They lived in well furnished homes on paved streets. They had a good supply of clean and fresh drinking water, and a good sewage system. Because of this they had a much cleaner and and healthier place to live. Diseases became less of a worry to the middle class knowing they had clean streets to walk in and all around more of a better place to live. Not only did they live better but their working conditions improved too! They now owned and operated the new factories, mines, and railroads, among all other industries.

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Upper Class was even better!

The upper class lived and worked better! The upper class had little to no worries while everyone else did. Living in the Industrial Revolution was no big deal for them! They had everything they needed and possibly more. They also lived in well furnished homes on well paved streets with great supply to fresh water and a well working sewage system. Because of this they had even less of a worry for diseases.

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Working Class

The working class was full of people who were working way over the healthy amount of hours all to make a living. This even included children working all day that were under the age of 13. They lived in tiny apartments with multiple people shoved into each one. There were few amount of beds resulting in only some people sleeping on them, The apartments have leaks and no space. They were not in great neighborhoods and had no running water nor a sewage system. Because of this many diseases were passed around from one to another. Children often played in the streets even with the wastes from everyone all over. As you can see living in the middle class was way better!
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